New Art and Pokemon Blog

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t been around lately (final semester of college is KILLING ME), but I decided to make a new blog specifically for all my art and Pokemon stuff!

Art will include traditional pencil and paper works, as well as digital art such as Twitch layouts (as I do stream now *cough* *cough*) and my current favorite thing to do, which is color Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia sketches he puts on his twitter, as well as some manga panels. I’ll also post any and all cross stitching and crochet works there as well now.

The Pokemon aspect will mostly include my shiny Pokemon finds. I’m not a hardcore hunter because I don’t have a ton of time to do so, but it’s something I do enjoy in my free time.

So, if you’d like to follow this new blog to see my art journey and such, please give it a follow!

Good Riddance 2018

Well it’s been a very long time since I (purposefully) updated this blog, so, uh, hi again.

2018 was not the best year, by any means. I’ve had my spiritual battles throughout, and nothing big really happened to me, honestly. I’m still in college, but finishing up this coming May. I’m hoping and praying for 2019 to be a better year for my heart and spirit, and I’m going to work to truly deepen my relationship with God. That’s the biggest thing I want to do this year.

I watched a lot of anime last year, getting into My Hero Academia and Free more than anything, but I did finish Assassination Classroom at last (and cried like a baby at the end)! I also got into the Ace Attorney anime and game series, and omg, I love it so much. I’m on the Apollo Justice game right now and working my way through it!

I’ve read almost all of the My Hero Academia manga that’s out, and I got into The Ancient Magus’ Bride as well. Fell way behind on Boruto but I’ll try to catch up on it eventually. I’m planning to start reading The Promised Neverland soon, and Haikyu! I started watching Haikyu recently and I honestly enjoy it! I’m surprised I like these sports anime as much as I do, but I guess I did always have a love for Prince of Tennis when I was younger.

So, apart from that stuff, what’s going to happen with this blog?

I don’t know. But I want to get started back with posting again. I don’t really know at the moment if I can keep a consistent schedule right now, but I want to at least start posting weekly either something artsy or about anime and manga. I got back into crochet in October and while I need to get more of the yarn I like, I’ll probably work on making more things that way, and I started back to cross stitching on my Beauty and the Beast kit as well, with the hopes of finishing that this year.

I don’t really have plans to starting posting again about the sticker diary, I kind of fell off that but I do collect stickers still. It’s mostly planner stickers now and I have a really nice planner to use them in for this year, so maybe I’ll post planner stickers when I buy more, I’m not sure yet.

For now, I wanted to update and say hi again, I’m still alive just super busy and doing other things, trying to take care of myself before anything else. I hope to be back soon! ❤

Naruto Volume 13

***VizMedia did not have a hand in this post other than the publication of the series in the US. They did not provide me with a copy of this book to review. It was done for fun, not monetary gain.***


Welcome back to our manga summary&reviews, at last!! I’m so glad to be back at this, I’ve missed it so much! We’re going to try and power through to finish Naruto, so we can move on to Boruto, Assassination Classroom, and other manga! Yes, I will be doing a post about the Naruto ten chapter spin-off, The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring, so just please wait for that! 🙂

Because I’m going to power through Naruto, I will be attempting to post EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY DAY until we’re DONE with this series!! If I miss a day here or there, please forgive me. This is the longest manga series I’ve read and this will be my third or fourth time through it, so I may need a break every few days! This is part of why the posts will be exclusively on weekdays, and because of hwo my semester is laid out, I should be able to read a volume a day and get a post up as well!  Sound good?? I hope so, because we’re starting this right now!!

The last volume ended with Shikamaru forfeiting his match to Remark, which surprised everyone in the end. Ino rages a bit at Choji about it, while Naruto hops down from the viewing area and starts to yell at Shikamaru. Instead of taking the yelling, Shikamaru tells Naruto that there was a match even he was looking forward to seeing, that being Sasuke vs Gaara. During this, Might Guy and Rock Lee arrive at the arena in time to see Sasuke’s match, and Lee learns that Naruto defeated Neji. For a just a moment he’s shown to be upset about it, before silently congratulating Naruto.

Sakura of course is worried about why Sasuke hasn’t shown up (she’s not seen him since the last part of the exam and if worried about the curse mark). The Third Hokage is given a message from Kakashi, and judt a few momenta later Kakashi and Sasuke finally appear, just in time for the match. (Sidenote: Sasuke’s outfit at this part is my favorite of his outfits apart from when he’s an adult. ( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡ He looks so nice in all black!!)

After a bit of banter between Naruto and Sasuke, the former and Shikamaru start to make their way back to the viewing area, but are stopped by the sight of Gaara murdering two ninja from another village. They had been hired to get him to quit so their master’s bet on Sasuke winning would happen, but of course Gaara wasn’t just going to quit, and took their lives instead, before heading to the arena’s battlefield.

Just before the match starts, Kakashi, Guy, and Lee make their way to stay near Sakura and the others to see the match. Sakura is very upset Kakashi never stayed in contact with her during the last month, but after he reassures her that Sasuke’s mark is nothing to worry about, she come down. Kakashi however is a bit worrisome about the lackluster ANBU presence there.

As soon as the match begins, Gaara attacks Sasuke with his sand, causing the latyer to move back to avoid being hit. The strange thing is that Gaara begins speaking to “mother” and promising to give her tasty blood. Ignoring this, Sasuke begins an onslaut of Taijutsu maneuvers, attacking Gaara and his sand clones and shield, to the point his speed and moves begin to mimic Lee, who becomes heartbreakingly jealous at hearing Ino praise Naruto and Sasuke to Sakura.

Sasuke’s speed with his Taijutsu moves keep Gaara on his toes for a bit, before he turns in with a Shield of sand covering him, and protecting him from Sasuke’s attack. Although his Taijutsu can’t break through the sand shield, Sasuke has one move that he’s fairly confident can break through the sand. While that’s going on, Naruto and Shikamaru are still in a slight state of shock over Gaara murdering the two characters from earlier, and after a moment Naruto decides they must stop the match before Sasuke gets killed.

While Sasuke is preparing his attack, Naruto and Shikamaru reach everyone else and Naruto starts to tell Kakashi why the match needs to be stopped, before his sensei tells him there was a very good reason why he and Sasuke were so late getting there. As Sasuke finishes getting ready with his attack, Kakashi tells them he taught Sasuke this specific move because they’re so alike, and it ends up being his Chidori Lightning Blade that he used during the battle against Zabuza about ten volumes ago, and this attack proves able to break through Gaara’s sand shield!

As the origins of the Chidori move are explained by Guy, Kankuro and Temari are both surprised that Sasuke has broken through Gaara’s sand shield, and after hearing their brother scream about his blood when he realized he was injured, they’re equally surprised that someone has actually hurt Gaara to where he was bleeding (this will be explained in later chapters). When Sasuke frees himself from Gaara’s “ultimate defense”, a large arm made of sand exits as well, before going back into the sand shield and Sasuke notices a very, very different eye in the shield and it basically freezes him in place.

Soon enough, all the members of the audience have fallen asleep via a Genjutsu, which includes Shikamaru and Naruto in the group, while the “Kazekage” launches an attack at the Hokage, which in turn begins an attack on the entire village as Sarutobi realizes this person is NOT the Kazekage but is instead Orochimaru in disguise. As the Sand ninja infiltrate the village Kakashi and Guy protect Sakura, which was able to keep herself awake by releasing the Genjustsu on herself.

The Sound Four (they will have a much larger part in a few volumes) seal Sarutobi and Orochimaru within a barrier that prevents anyone else from getting inside. Their battle begins while Kankuro and Temari grab Gaara and run off with him per their instructor’s orders, and Sasuke follows after them. Soon enough, Kakashi tells Sakura to wake Naruto and Shikamaru, as he has a new A Rank mission for them, which is to track down Sasuke. She does so and they make their way after him with one of Kakashi’s ninja dogs, Pakkun, as their fourth member. While this happens, Sarutobi attempts to stop Orochimaru from using his “reanimation” jutsu, and prevents one out of three coffins(??) from being brought forth, as Sarutobi states he can’t believe Orochimaru has summoned these “spirits”.

And that ends volume 13!! This one leads us from the abrupt ending of the Chunin exams into what is known as the Konoha Invasion arc, and yeah, things are going to be a bit crazy from here on, but bare with me! We’re going to get through every bit of it! 🙂

I really do enjoy these chapters, mostly for the fact of Sasuke being back in the story and his design at this time, but the story is taking it’s turn into an arc that creates a lot of changes later on (no spoilers until we get to those volumes of course haha). While this arc isn’t my favorite of the various arcs in Naruto, it’s still a very good one, and its full of action and fight scenes, which might possibly make for smaller posts over the next two volumes, but you know, it’ll be fine. We’ll get through it, and move to the next part soon, but for now, look forward to volume 14 tomorrow! 🙂

My Spoiler Free Impressions: My Hero Academia

***This post is a look into my personal feelings on the series My Hero Academia. This is not meant to be some deep retrospective where I take apart the series piece-by-piece, but it simply to show the feelings I hold towards this series and some of the characters.***

I think it’s safe to say by now that I’m a very big fan of Shonen manga and anime. I started out as a very young child watching Dragon Ball with my dad in the afternoon on weekdays, and then moved into Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh when they were on the Saturday morning on block on what used to be WB (now known as The CW). Those got me into trouble and they were banned from my house for a little while (don’t want to get into details) but eventually they made their way back in and I got back into the series.

Naruto was the first Shonen I watched that I actually remembered the plot. With Dragon Ball, I was young enough that I have a few memories of sitting and watching with my dad and sisters, but I don’t remember all the details of the story (*mental note to go back and rewatch it at some point*). So when I started watching Naruto in January 2007, it became my thing. I stuck with the anime while it was on Toonami, and then moved to manga as my library slowly got more volumes it, and I stuck with it until the manga ended in 2014. I still have yet to finish Shippuden, but I’ll get there eventually. I also own 64 volumes of the manga, and all six of the post-canon light novels that were released in the US.

When the Naruto manga was about to end, I started looking for a replacement series to read. Enter Assassination Classroom, which was my very first manga review on this blog. I was able to keep up through volume 6, but I’ve fallen behind (and I know the manga has ended) and I still enjoy the series very much (it’s my first OT+ rated series!), but it’s going to take me some time to get back into it.

Now, let’s fast forward to this January (2018). I had recently made the decision to subscribe to FunimationNow, Funimation’s streaming service for dubbed anime. I thought this would be a great way to get through some anime while I was on my Christmas break, and it’s proven to be worth it in the three months I’ve had it, I don’t plan to stop subscribing any time soon.

My Hero Academia (MHA) is one of Funimation’s licensed titles. They produce and release the dub version, and release the DVD/BluRay sets as well. I had started thinking about getting into MHA last year, while talking to a friend about it. I really, really wanted to get into the series last year, but because of how busy my schedule was and everything, I couldn’t. It had pushed aside because I was trying to focus on my classes and everything. It was also something that I’m not normally interested in, but I had heard so much good about it that I was interested. I mean, a story about people who have super powers (called Quirks)? That’s so cliche, would I even like it? I’m not into superheroes, but something about this series just grabbed me.

January is when I finally sat down and watched the first two episodes. They hit me with feels and I got close to crying during the end of the second episode. This was right after my spring semester had begun, and that Sunday I had a bunch of homework for one of my classes, so I pulled up the Funimation app on my Kindle and started MHA from where I left off, episode 3.

I finished the first season in a day. All 13 episodes, completed in one day. After that, I had to slowly continue on because of my classes and work. I got sick in mid-Feburary to the point I wasn’t able to go to class or work for three days, so I instead spent that time watching MHA and relaxing.

I finished the second season the week after I was sick, during snow days where my campus was closed. I was hooked. Head-over-heels in love and still am! The series is so fabulous and amazing, I’m eagerly awaiting the third season on Saturday!

I also decided I wanted to read the manga and be ahead of the anime, so I knew was happening, and because I was anxious to see what came next. As of posting this, I’ve finished all 11 volumes that have been released in English, and I’ve purchased 8 out of 12 volumes. This story is so good, it’s amazing. I’m not going to go into plot here, I may do a review of each volume separately at some point, but right now, I just want to go into my favorite characters real quick, starting with my absolute favorite character of the series.

The moment he’s introduced, all you can really think is “what a jerk”. But honestly? Katsuki Bakugo is much more complex character than that. He’s not just a school bully (although he definitely is one at the beginning, I’ll admit that for sure). He’s unbelievably confident with a Quirk that allows him to create explosions from his hands, using his sweat, and he’s determined to be the #1 hero someday. He’s quite antagonistic towards the main character, and almost anyone, but he slowly seems to start getting better, especially considering the events surrounding him in volumes 9 – 11. I understand why some wouldn’t like him, but somehow, SOMEHOW, I got attached to Bakugo immediately, and everything that happens in volumes 10&11 have solidified him as my favorite character in the whole series. He’s got to make up a lot of past wrongs, but he’ll get there. I’m sure of it.

Second, I want to discuss the character who was close to pushing Bakugo out of first place, and that’s Shoto Todoroki. I seem to always go for characters that have sad/dark backgrounds, which makes Todoroki’s place of second on my list very…odd. Normally he’d be in first, and I love him very much, for sure! His story breaks me, it’s heartbreaking, and I still am shocked by everything that happened to him when he was a child. His changes from volume 5 onward are very apparent, and important to his character. He’s a fan favorite all around (having won Best Boy at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards this year), and I’ll definitely say, if Bakugo hadn’t somehow gotten my attention the way he did, Todoroki would be in first place (I’m not gonna say it’s impossible for him to end up tying with Bakugo on my list, that may happen for sure).

Finally, for this post at least, let me talk about our main character, Izuku Midoriya. He is definitely like your typical Shonen protagonist, but he’s also the sweetest one you’ll ever meet. All he wants to do is be a hero that can smile and save people. That’s it. He wants to be like the current #1 Hero, All Might, and a chance encounter gives him what he needs in order to, hopefully, one day do so. He’s a very innocent character, a bit jumpy at times, but he also has a lot of heart and I can’t help, I have to cheer for him in everything that happens in this series. I have to cheer for him to become the #1 hero someday, I have to cheer for him to do well, to hope his friendship with Bakugo can be rescued, to hope his friendships with all his classmates holds. Midoriya is a character you can’t help but cheer for. I’ve never met a main character that was a precious as Izuku Midoriya, and I’ve asked it on Twitter, but I’ll ask it here too: how did we get blessed with such a precious main character??

All in all, even though I didn’t go too terribly in-depth with this post, My Hero Academia is a series that can’t be missed. It’s amazing. The story is getting deeper as we go, the characters are growing up and maturing (especially Bakugo), they’re learning how to use their Quirks the best they can, and they’re taking on villains much sooner than they expected, but they’re doing well.

No series has gripped me this hard and made me fall in love with the characters like this since Naruto. Seriously, NOTHING has taken hold of me like this since then. My Hero Academia is one of those manga that’s going to be remembered and well loved for a long time, and I intend to see it to the end myself.

I might make a second post about this at some point, maybe after I’ve read more of the manga or start reviewing it here, but for now, this is where I’ll stop. I hope to go more in-depth at some point, but we’ll see what happens. 🙂



It’s been a while since I posted, but, hello readers! I’ve been very busy this semester with school and life, and my current obsession with My Hero Academia (a post or two or twelve about this is coming eventually!) but I wanted to give a quick update!

Naruto read through: I decided early on this year to take a massive break from Naruto, and I haven’t read or watched any for a while. I WILL return to the read through posts this summer, and we WILL have a proper conclusion to this read through that’s been going on for years now.

JapanCrate: I’m still subbed to JapanCrate! I will be getting the April box and will make a post about it. I do not intend to go back and bs my way through the January and February crates, and I had to skip March because of money issues.

Cross stitch: I just made some patterns for my top three My Hero Academia characters, so I’ll hopefully be starting those soon. I’m also still working on my giant Beauty and the Beast kit and then smaller The Lion King kit that I have. I hope to be making posts on all of these as I go.

My Hero Academia: I severely want to do a read through review series about MHA. I just love the series so much and I’m caught up on the official English release! I just got vol. 12 the other day on my Kindle Fire, and I’m loving it so much. Since the third season is starting tomorrow (!!!!), I’ll be watching that as the episodes release each week, and possibly be live tweeting through the episodes!

I don’t have much else to report on today, but I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect in the coming weeks, especially over the summer!!

Christmas 2017 Gifts

This is weeks late, but I’ve been very busy lately and wanted to get this posted since I’ve done it the last few years, so, sorry for being super late, but here’s everything I received for Christmas 2017!


Well there’s everything! I didn’t get a lot, but that’s perfectly ok. I got some very nice things and I’m very thankful just to be thought of and be given something that someone thought I would enjoy or they knew I needed. 🙂

I’ll just list a few things real quick~

I was given penguin socks a journal by one of my sisters, another one gave us a family gift so we got a couple of movies and some homemade Muddy Buddies (which we call Puppy Chow), and my youngest sister gave me a folding fan and the art that says “throw kindness around like confetti”. I also received a new copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.5, because my original one wasn’t working properly, Colton Dixon’s “Identity” album, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame DVD/BluRay. And from one of my best friends I got a Mimikyu plushie from the Pokemon Center website. 🙂

And then I got a bunch of candy and some smaller items that you can see in the image. 🙂

Again this is pretty late, but I ope everyone had a great Chritmas and I’ll be back to posting more often soon!

December 2017 Japan Crate

Time for another Japan Crate review!! I ordered this bow around Thanksgiving, because of a reason I’ll explain later, and finally got it this past Friday! The box is SO CUTE and I’m not just saying that because green is my favorite color. 😉 I like the design on this month’s box, it’s very festive!

So pretty, and look at those snacks!! The pamphlet is very small this month, but that’s ok! it still has everything we’re used to in it, it’s just skinny and one sheet! So, let’s go ahead and get started with the snacks in this box!


For the first few items I pulled out of the box, starting from the left, we’ve got the Christmas Shimichoco Corn! These are corn puff stars with chocolate and omg, I LOVE these things! Japan Crate has given us a bag before and I loved them then, and still love them now. They’re crispy with a great amount of chocolate and just taste great!

The second snack is the Sour Cream and Onion Scones. And no, these aren’t the scones you’re thinking of. They’re more like Cheetos! They tasted pretty good, there was a definite slight sour cream and onion flavor, but obviously it wasn’t as strong as the kind you’d get from say, Pringles. They were really good though! I ate the bag in two days because they were super good lol.

The third item is the DIY kit for this month, and it’s the Minions Furifuri Shake! This looks like a fun little kit to make quickly! It just uses the powder that’s included, milk, and an ice cube! It’s shaken up for 30 seconds and then you have a banana “shake” to drink! I can’t wait to try it!


The next set of snacks taken from the box begins with the Christmas Fugashi. This is a sugar covered wheat puff, and I believe they’ve sent this before as well, and it was a pretty good!

The next two items are both Umaibo snacks! There’s the Christmas Umaibo, which is chocolate, and the Christmas Corn Potage Umaibo, which was a sweet corn flavor. I’ve really loved getting the Umaibo snacks and these are really good.

Third is the Constellation Chocolate, which is a little biscuit covered in chocolate. Each cookie has an imprint of a Zodiac figure on it, and mine has Taurus! It was a really good cookie and the chocolate was delicious as well~

Last for this picture is the Christmas Fueramune. It’s one of the whistle candies and it came in a raumne flavor! Very good for whistling and eating! 😉


This set of snacks starts with the Christmas Black Thunder bar in mini sizes! There were two of these in the box, and omg, I regret never having had a Black Thunder bar before!! These are so good and chocolatey, and the cookie inside added a nice crunch!

Next is the Christmas Chocolate Daifuku! I’ve had this before in different packaging, and while the description in the pamphlet implies this is supposed to be like mochi, it was really just a marshmallow with a bit of chocolate in the middle, but it was still good!

Third is the Tasty Ice Cream Mini Bake Kit Kat bars! Two mini packs, and these taste just like vanilla ice cream! I didn’t try the baking part for the first pack, but maybe I will for the second one!

The next snack is the Butter Cream Roll Cake! This looks like it’s going to be a vanilla cake with butter cream in the middle! I’ve had a strawberry one of these before and it was good, now I get to try a new flavor!

Finally in this set, is the Awadama Red, a dagashi hard candy! This is supposed to be an apple flavored candy, the pamphlet says it it’ll have a “fizzy” taste, so I wonder if this will fizz when I eat it!


This is the last picture of snacks, and it includes our drink for this month!

First is the Tohato Christmas Caramel Corn! I love this stuff so much, the texture is so nice and the flavor is great! It’s not like Western caramel corn at all, but it’s still so good and I love how it tastes!

The drink is Cassis and Orange Orangina! The cassis is black current flavor mixed with the orange flavor, and that honestly sounds super good to me. I can’t wait to give this a taste and see how it is!

Finally, this is the reason for my ordering this crate! For Black Friday, Japan Crate had an offer where if you signed up for a subscription, you would get $5 off your crate and a PokeBall bonus item with a little Pokemon figure in it, based on one of 10 Pokemon from the latest movie (Pikachu is feature twice, counted as two different figures)! I got an Ultra Ball and a tiny little Piplup figure!! I didn’t expect the piece of candy to be in the ball, but that’s cool too! The Piplup is too small, I hope I don’t lost it, and the Ultra Ball is a great display piece itself!


So that’s it for the December Japan Crate! All in all, this was a great crate for the end of the year! Lots of good snacks, new and old, and it all tastes great (from what I’ve eaten so far lol)!

Hopefully, if my monetary situation is looking good after buying textbooks for the spring, I’ll be able to hold onto my Japan Crate subscription for a bit, and continue reviewing it along with having tasty snacks! So stay tuned, and we’ll see what happens! 🙂

Sorry About That

My apologies if you just got a few emails about Assassination Classroom reviews just being posted.

Those were posted almost 3 years ago and somehow got moved into drafts when I was cleaning out some old posts and images.

Assassination Classroom Episodes 5 & 6 Summary and Review

***FUNimation and/or FujiTV did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

Today we’re trying something a little different in the way of reviews. I’m not going to be able to have too many screenshots, just a couple of select ones, because I am reviewing TWO episodes today! That’s right, episode five and six will be reviewed together! Next week I plan to return to my normal posting of the latest episode available to free users on FUNimation’s website, but today, we’re going to have a little fun!

Episode 5 is titled “Assembly Time”, and starts with the adaption of my favorite chapter from the first volume of the manga. It starts with Koro-sensei gathering up the snacks and candies the students used for a chemistry experiment because he was in between paychecks and had no way to get any food until he got paid. When the experiment was over, one of the students, Okuda, steps up with three bottles of poison in her hand, and asks Koro-sensei to drink it because it was poison. He does so without hesitation, with unexpected results in the way of his face. He then suggests Okuda staying after class so they can work on a poison to kill him together, which she agrees to, to the surprise of her classmates.

Koro-sensei, after speaking with Okuda and learning the reason why she was put into the E “As in End” Class, gives her a recipe to make her own poison at home to bring and give to him the next day. She does, but this “poison” just turns Koro-sensei into a melted ball that can fly around the room at a higher speed then he could move before. He gives her a quick lesson on why words are as important as science, and Okuda resolves to learn how to use languages to her advantage.

The second half of the episode is about a school assembly. Class 3-E makes their way to the auditorium with Irina falling behind because of how far they had to walk from their mountain to the school, but it turns out all right for them in the end, honestly. The other students, thought they mock and try to hate on this class of misfits, they end up making the best of it. The other students see Karasuma and Irina and quickly become jealous of 3-E. When they try to pull a prank on the other students, Koro-sensei shows up and corrects things, surprising the upper-classmen.

The students quickly file out once the assembly is over, and Nagisa stops to get a drink from the bending machine before he heads back to the mountain classroom with the others, but is stopped by two of his old “friends”, I guess, who try to make him feel bad for having fun in his class and threaten to kill him after a moment. Nagisa, though, states they don’t look like they’ve ever killed anyone, and heads back to his classroom. While this happens, we see a soon to be introduced character watching, and the episode ends.

Episode six, “Test Time”, involved the students preparing for exams at the main school building. Koro-sensei splits himself into several clones (in the vein of Naruto Uzumaki, I suppose) to teach his students, each clone wearing a different headband to represent what each student will be learning, as he is teaching one-on-one the subjects they’re worst at (one of the students even gets a Koro-sensei clone with the Naruto headband).

Once this finished, Koro-sensei, Karasuma, and Irina meet the principal of the school, Gakuhō Asano, who has come to formally meet Koro-sensei and warn him about letting the students of 3-E get their hopes up about better grades and doing well on the exams coming up. He even tricks Koro-sensei into getting himself tied up by tossing a metal ring puzzle at him and telling him her like one second to complete the thing. Nagisa overhears the conversation, and, Asano leaves to return to the main campus, he gives Nagisa a dry, unfeeling “good luck” about the exams.

The next day, Koro-sensei is trying even harder to help his students, making more and more clones to teach them what they need to know for the test. When the students question they he’s doing this, since they’ll probably fail anyway and they had the assassination to rely on, Koro-sensei becomes visibly angry and takes them outside, scolding them and flattening the area around them, telling them that if they did NOT make it into the top 50, he would leave and they would be stuck in this classroom forever.

The students agreed to the ultimatum, and did well on the test up until the 11th question, which was later proven to be a curve ball to throw off Class 3-E, as the rest of the school received notice of the changes to the exam, but 3-E did not. It appears none of them made it into the top 50, and Koro-sensei apologizes until Karma throws a knife at him to catch him off guard, and shows that he did make it into the top 50, and wonders if Koro-sensei was just scared about being killed. The other students join in this and Koro-sensei decides to stay with them, continuing to teach them as he had before.

These episodes do their manga counterparts justice. Again, chapter seven of the first volume is my favorite one so far, and I was really glad when I saw it was actually being adapted into half of an episode. I have to say that the school’s principal is one of my least favorite characters in the series so far, and I will be glad if I never have to see him again (though I know that’s far too easy). But I’ll survive, and keep watching to see how well this adapts the next arc in the manga.

Assassination Classroom Episode 3 Summary & Review

Assassination Classroom episode 3 title

The third episode of Assassination Classroom opens with the students in the middle of a P.E. class with Koro-sensei and Karasuma watching over them. The students are swinging their swords in rhythm, counting as they do so. Karasuma has decided to teach the students assassination techniques as their P.E. lessons. Koro-sensei is told to go play in the sandbox (which he does while sobbing), and states that the students loved his P.E. classes, which they refute by bringing up that he tried to teach them to move at Mach 20 while doing cat’s cradle.

Karasumi takes a chance to allow the students to try and hit him. If they can, they get to go home early! Unfortunately, no one actually hits him, and they are stuck continuing the school day (and Koro-sensei even has a traditional tea for himself as they attempted to hit Karasuma). As they leave the area they were having P.E. Nagisa is greeted by a returning student, Karma Akabane, the mystery student from the end of episode 2, whose suspension has finally ended and he’s been allowed to return to the school and join Class-E (and then the theme song!! I love it so much).

After meeting Koro-sensei (who did know Karma was joining them), Karma attempts to shake his hand, and instead, koro-sensei’s tentacle turns to mush, and Karma tries to take him down with a knife, commenting on how Koro-sensei jumped so far back. Throughout the episode, Karma tries to take down Koro-sensei, whether by spreading anti-“me” BBs on the floor and taunting Koro-sensei to come near him by stealing his gelato he brought back from Italy.

Things truly come full circle near the end of the episode. Karma continues trying to shoot or stab Koro-sensei his second day in class, but, as Koro-sensei can move at a speed of Mach 20, all he does is avoid Karma’s attacks and clean his student up, either by painting his nail or dressing him in a pink, frilly apron during cooking class.

All of this begins to get to Karma (supposedly) and he starts to worry about taking down their alien sensei, until he finally comes with a way he thinks will work, and puts it into action when Koro-sensei and Nagisa check on him. Karma throws himself over the edge of a cliff, one of the specialized guns in his hand with this thought in mind: if Koro-sensei lets me die, he won’t be a teacher anymore, but if he tried to save me, I’ll shoot him. As he starts to fall, Karma remembers how he had one teacher who supported him, so long as he was in the right. When Karma protects a Class-E student from bullying, the teacher turns his back on Karma, telling him he can go join the Class-E rejects if he wants. This is why Karma doesn’t seem to trust or accept Koro-sensei as a teacher. He’s afraid he will be abandoned again, but Koro-sensei proves Karma wrong by saving him, having made his tentacles sticky enough that he could catch Karma without possibly killing. After this, Karma says that he will kill Koro-sensei, even though their sensei doesn’t fully believe it (of course).

Now, of course this episode was delayed a week in Japan, but I can fully understand why. With the situation that had been going on, it makes sense and I’m glad they didn’t outright cancel the show because of it.

This episode is different than the first two. Yes it still focuses on assassinating Koro-sensei, but it also focuses on Karma and the obvious fears he may be abandoned by yet another teacher, and it’s pretty sad for him. He had someone that was on his side, wanted him to prosper and succeed, until he made the mistake of beating up and injuring an upperclassman in the defense of a Class-E student. Karma was somewhat in the right, but with the way he reacted it makes sense why his teacher was mad, but abandoning Karma like that was wrong.

As I’ve said before, Karma is a very interesting character. He’s kind of sadistic, but in this show, it works for a character and I don’t mind it as much as I would had this been a different show with a different plot/premise. Karma adds a missing piece to the class: a student that doesn’t stop and tries a many times as he can to take out their target.

I think this was a good episode that did VERY well with adapting chapters 4 – 6 of the manga. Everything looked like it matched up fairly well with the manga, and I’m ready for chapter four (oh boy will it be a bit awkward for me). I do feel like they’re going to skip chapter 7 though, and I liked that one.

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