March 2021 Sakuraco Box

***This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this box on my own.***

Today I have a brand new box from the Tokyo Treat family to share with you! Its called Sakuraco and instead of focusing on the sweets and snacks we know from TT, its focused on more traditional snacks and treats, and also teas as well! I know of a box similar to this called Bokksu, but I’ve never gone and tried it out. When Tokyo Treat announced this one, I read through the website and was super interested in it, so I signed up right away to give it a try, and it finally arrived this last weekend.

I am in love with it. I haven’t tried anything yet at the time of writing, but it looks so pretty, is so well put together, and just wonderful so far.

Look how pretty it is when you open it, omg. The postcard on top had a little note from the founder of Sakuraco, and the booklet is like a full on book, not a pamphlet like in the other boxes! It’s really nice and has great descriptions of all the snacks and everything.

So let’s go ahead and start looking at all the lovely treats in this first box.

All right, first off we have a Strawberry Dorayaki, Sakura Madeline, and Mini Sakura Senbei. I’ve never had a dorayaki before, so I can’t wait to give this a try. The Sakura Madeline is very soft and looks lovely as well. The mini Sakura Senbei are rice crackers that are soy sauce flavored and shaped like sakura petals! They look very cute and I’m excited to give all of these a try.

The next set of treats includes two Strawberry Castella, Sweet Sakura Tea, Sakura Shrimp Senbei, and Peach Sandwich. I’m so glad there are two of the strawberry Castella cake, so I can share with someone in my family easily if they want to give it a try. The tea also includes two packets, and I’m excited to give it a try because it even includes real sakura petals in it! The Senbei here is a larger cracker that’s flavored with shrimp and sakura, and shaped like a sakura petal as well. Finally, the peach sandwich cookie/cake looks really good too. I love peaches so I can’t wait to see how this is.

Here we have an Azuki Taiyaki, Sakura Monaka, and another little treat that I’m not sure of haha. The Taiyaki is soft and looks delicious, I might end up sharing part of it with a family member to see what they think. The Sakura Monaka are little wafer like cookies with a sakura scented red bean paste in the middle, and this last treat I’m not sure what it is, because it was a bonus for signing up early so it’s not in the booklet.

This group of snacks includes Sakura Konpeito, RN Sakura Mochi Monaka, and Yoshino Kuzumochi. I love Konpeito so I’m really excited to have packet of them, I’ll have to have it as a treat one day when playing games or something! The Sakura Mochi Monaka has sakura flavored red bean paste and mochi in the middle of two wafers, so I can’t wait to give this a try too. And the Kuzumochi is completely new to me. It says it includes syrup and kinako to put on top to taste, so this definitely looks interesting!

Now finally, for snacks actually in the booklet, we have a Sakurasen Cracker, Uji Matcha Castella, Okayama White Peach Castella, and a Sakura Strawberry Crepe Roll. The Sakurasen cracker is a rice cracker with sakura as an ingredient, and mine broke just a bit, but it still looks good! The matcha and white peach Castella cakes look amazing, they will definitely be an after dinner treat one night, and both feel nice and soft. Unfortunately, my crepe roll came completely broken, but I’ll still try it obviously, and see what it tastes like!

So because I signed up with the introduction code and everything I get four bonus snacks in my box every month that I stay subscribed! It definitely helps fill the box more, but I do wish there something that explained what these all are. The two pick treats are squishy like gummies and the other treat feels familiar, but I can’t tell what it is. The pretty little box says that it’s roasted green tea with sakura, so I’ll have to use Google Translate to figure out how to make it ha!

Finally, Sakuraco includes a home good in each box, from my understanding. For the March box, we got this cute little plate with cherry blossoms all over it. I absolutely adore it, it fits my aesthetic, and I can’t wait to give it a try. I’ll probably use it with my treats from this box!

So there we have the very first Sakuraco box, the March box focused on Hanami and sakura blossoms. I absolutely love this. The box is just lovely all put together and looks so nice, everything looks and sounds so good, and I can’t wait to give everything a try! I also can’t wait to see what we get in April’s box!

February 2021 Tokyo Treat

***This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this box on my own.***

For the first time in months, I finally have a review of another Tokyo Treat box! They haven’t been delayed or anything, I just haven’t had the time to take pictures and post anything ha… but, now I’m hoping I can get back into the swing of things and post my box every month! I have another box that I’ve just subscribed to, and the first post about it will be this Wednesday, so please look forward to it!

Now let’s look at the February 2021 Tokyo Treat!

Of course, this box is Valentine’s themed and I know I’m just a little bit late getting it up, but that’s ok. The box itself is really good!

So first off, we have Calbee Luxury Chocolate Potato Chips, Curry Turtle Crackers, Yamato Shrimp Crackers, and Umaibo Cinnamon Apple Pie. The potato chips were honestly really good, it reminded me of fries dipped in a hot fudge sundae ha. The curry turtle crackers I’ve had before, and I love them. The texture is great and the taste is so good. At this time, I’ve not tried the Umaibo yet nor have I eaten the shrimp crackers, but I expect both to be great as well.

Next, we’ve got Uncle Pierre’s Strawberry Roll Cake, Japanese Squid Cracker, Full Moon Pon Cracker, Noshiume Plum Candy, and Yakisoba snack. Now, I’ve had the Yakisoba snack, the cake roll, and the squid cracker before, so I know all three of them are really good. The Full Moon Pon Cracker is something new, and I thought it was all right. I didn’t get a lot of the soy sauce flavor and the texture was a little odd for me. The plum candy though…was the strangest thing. I got a smell of it when I opened it and it was off-putting, then I tasted it and thought it was good, but very oddly it tasted kind of fishy? It was so weird, but I did end up liking it!

Here we have the Strawberry Ice Cream Marshmallow, Cocoa Bolo, and Bubbly Taiyaki Strawberry Flavor. So, the marshmallow was fine. It had a good strawberry flavor to it, but the cone is always weird. It almost feels stale when you touch it. The Cocoa Bolo reminded me of the Cocoa Puffs cereal we have here! It wasn’t as sweet but was still good. The Taiyaki wafer snack is probably my favorite; definitely one of my favorite snacks that I’ve had from Japan. Its nice and crispy with airy strawberry chocolate inside, and I just love when we get these.

Now we have the Sakusaku Panda Strawberry Cookies, KitKat Strawberry, and Strawberry Daifuku. There’s so much strawberry flavor in this box but I can’t find a reason to complain about it. I actually believe I like Japanese strawberry flavor more than American strawberry flavor! The Sakusaku Panda cookies were delicious. The strawberry chocolate with the small crispy cookie was a nice treat after dinner one night (while playing some Ace Attorney haha). The strawberry KitKats were very good too. There’s a tartness to them that I really enjoyed, and I wish we had them over here to get easily. The strawberry daifuku is simply a marshmallow with strawberry filling. It was all right.

Finally, we’ve got the Welch’s Sparkling Rose Soda and Pocky Heartful Cherry. I haven’t tried either of these yet, but back in December I was taken off a medicine (by my neurologist of course) that made it so I couldn’t drink carbonated drinks, so I can in fact try this at some point, and I’ll likely share it with my sister who loves sparkling rose drinks. And the Pocky I expect to be delicious because, of course, its Pokcy haha.

So that’s this month’s Tokyo Treat! It was a lovely box with a mix of delicious snacks, savory and sweet, and I really enjoyed it.

Again on Wednesday, we’ll have a completely brand new box, from Tokyo Treat themselves, that I just had to sign up for and intend to stay with now. I do have the March Japan Crate and Tokyo Treat both on the way, so there will be posts for them once they get here and I have the chance to sit down with them. I can’t wait to see what’s in them and share it with you!

June 2020 Japan Crate

***This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this box on my own.***


Oh boy more snacks! My crates started coming one after the other, and now I have a stack of snack crates to eat and enjoy! But let’s focus on the June crate for now!


All right our first snacks are Animal Land Chocolate, Lemon Gum, Sour Jerky, Mini Monster Fruit Flavor, and My Melody Chocolate. I’ve had the Animal Land Chocolate before and they’re just like M&Ms, the lemon gum is super, super sour, and the little monster candy was a fruity treat haha. I haven’t eaten the sour jerky yet, and the My Melody Chocolate is a strawberry and milk chocolate treat that’s super good!


Next we have Mini Fresh, Grape Sour Long Gum, Chocolate Pie, JR Limited Express Chocolate, Gabrichu Kishu Nanko Ume, Chameleon Ramune, and Lemon Corit. So from this group, I’ve had the grape gum, chocolate pic, the chocolate candies in the cardboard train, and the ramune chameleon snacks. All of them are good! I still have to try the Mini Fresh, Gabrichu Kishu Nanko Ume, and the Lemon Corit. The Mini Fresh are yogurt flavored candies, the Gabrichu is a chewy candy with a plum juice flavor, and the Lemon Corit is supposed to be a sour lemon candy!


Next we have the Ocean Sea Salt KitKats and Roasted Shrimp & Garlic Craft Scone. The KitKats are actually really good! They’re white chocolate with a bit of sea salt and I love them! Haven’t had the shrimp and garlic scones yet, but I can’t wait to get them a try!


Almost to the end of this box, and we’ve got Sakura Chiffon Oreo Crispy and Fanta Socata. The Sakura creme Oreos I tried and LOVED. They have a cherry flavor to them and are just so good. I even put them in ice cream like they suggested on their Instagram and it was so good. As for the Fanta Socata, I’m not able to drink carbonated drinks currently, but I’ll probably give this to someone in my family to try!


Finally, there’s the Edo-Style Soy Sauce Chip Star and Instant Tapioca DIY. I tried the chips and they’re like slightly thicker Pringles, and really good! I really like how they taste and they’re a good snack. The instant boba tea drink hasn’t been tried yet, but I can’t WAIT to give it a try. Its even green tea flavored which is my favorite boba milk tea flavor!


So there is June’s Japan Crate! I know I was late posting this, but I’ve been busy lately and I’m glad to get this up on here! In a few days I’ll have the July crate too!

May 2020 Tokyo Treat

***This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this box on my own.***


All right this was super late too, but I finally got my May Tokyo Treat! I have the July one on the way as well, and skipped out on June because there was overlap with the June Japan Crate and I didn’t want to have too many of the same snacks lol. This is the Premium box, so it has more items than the Classic.


The theme was Non-Stop Sakura Party, which makes me very happy because I love sakura blossoms, Sakura Haruno is my favorite Naruto character, and my default username on websites is now SakuraPrisma lol!


So the first two snacks we have are the Sakura Sake KitKats and Mike Popcorn Soy Sauce & Butter Flavor! I have tried the KitKats and they do have a slight alcohol taste to them, and .007% alcohol per mini pack, but I do like them! Haven’t tried the popcorn yet, but it looks delicious!


These snacks are the Hello Kitty Sakura Candy, Pollack Umaibo, Sankaku Vegetable Flavor Crackers, and Choco-Taro. The Hello Kitty candies are flavor apple, orange, and cherry, and are shaped like sakura flowers! I haven’t tried the Umaibo quite yet, and the I have had the Sankaku crackers before, and they taste good! The Choco-Tado is a corn snack with chocolate all over it, and it was so good~!


Next, we have Cabbage Chips, Burger Gummy, Taro-Beans, Ramune Candies, Ham and Potato Porickey, and Chicken Ramen Snacks. So from this group, I’ve had and enjoyed the cabbage chips, the gummy burger was good, the Taro-Bean snacks were tasty and crunchy, and the ramune candies were strawberry flavored and delicious! The Porickey were good, but I didn’t notice a ham and potato flavor. The chicken ramen snacks actually were really good too!


Almost out of snacks, but here we have the Sakura Mochi Chocolate, Apple Jelly, and Sakura Matcha Collon! I tried the Sakura Mochi chocolates, and they were good! They have a bit of mochi in the middle and I loved it. The apple jelly candy was fine, but I’m not a huge fan of these tiny candies sometimes lol. I haven’t tried the Sakura Matcha Collon yet, but oh boy I can’t wait to!


Finally, we have the Nissin Matcha Coconut Cookies and Frozen Coca Cola Lemon! The cookies were so freaking good, they come in little packs of five in the big back, and I just loved them! I haven’t tried the frozen Coca Cola yet, but I can’t wait to have it as a treat one day!


And there is the May Tokyo Treat! Lots of good things to eat and enjoy, and I just loved every bit of it! I can’t wait for the July crate, but that will be my last one for a while unfortunately. Had to make some financial decisions and two snack crates didn’t make sense to me at the time. So sorry Tokyo Treat, but I’ll come back to you one day!


April 2020 Inku Crate

***This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this box with my own money.***

Finally, FINALLY, I have my April Inku Crate! It took months for it to arrive, but it finally did! The box was a bit beaten up, but everything inside was safe and sound, nothing was broken or ripped. I’m so glad to finally have this here, so now we can finally review this box! (I’m still waiting for my June Inku Crate, and the August one should be here soon!)


Whoo so excited to finally get this box and all the cute things in it.


So first off, I got this super cute little Apollo Mini Notepad! It has two different styled pages, and its just really cute. I do know something coming in the August crate that will make these more useful, so I’ll just have to wait for that to get here haha.


Next this super cute pack of flake stickers! This is called, in the pamphlet, Miraneige Flake Sticker, and they’re just the cutest little animal stickers. I haven’t used any yet, but I have a sticker journal I’ve been keeping up with, and I can’t wait to use these in it!


A cute little panda washi tape is the third item! There were different options I could have gotten, and while I hopped for penguins, I got pandas, which is fine! This is still cute and will add some some cute little areas to my journal.


Next is a peach soda mechanical pencil! I absolutely LOVE this so far! I’ve used it to do basic layout decisions for my journal, and its just so cute. It uses .05mm lead, and writes so well.


To go with the peach soda pencil, there’s this adorable roller eraser! The bottom half is a normal eraser, and the roller on top picks up the eraser shavings! Just roll it over the page and it picks them up! Also, I was using this one night to erase something in a cross stitch book, and I noticed the eraser smells like STRAWBERRIES and it actually smells good, like. What the heck?? That’s so cool.


The next to last item is this set of 48 sheets of origami paper with cats all over them!! I haven’t done any kind of origami when I was little, so now that I have this paper, I’m highly tempted to start looking up tutorials and making cute things!


The last item, which is the main one I’ve been waiting for, is this just adorable Eevee cover journal! Eevee looks so freaking fluffy and cute, and I already have an idea for what I’ll use this for!


I’m so glad to have finally gotten my April Inku Crate, I love everything that came in it! It was worth the wait and I honestly can highly recommend this crate from Japan Crate. They’ve been helpful with the mail issues due to the ongoing pandemic, and have made sure we all get our crates. So if you want some cute Japanese stationary, I say you should give this crate a shot!

May 2020 Japan Crate

***This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this box with my own money.***

I have more crates to review, finally! Things are moving with the mail now, and I’m getting my boxes more quickly and I’m super excited to get some reviews up! 🙂


Whoo can’t wait to break into this box and show off everything! This is the May Japan Crate (obviously lol) and its got a ton of great stuff in it!


First up, we’ve got the Mike Premium Lipton Milk Tea popcorn, Kit Kat Big Little Matcha Pouch, and the Boba Milk Tea Gummy! So far, I’ve had the popcorn and a bit of the Kit Kat pieces. The popcorn was sweet and almost like a caramel corn, but it wasn’t as sticky in my teeth for anything like that. The Kit Kats are SO GOOD. I love Matcha snacks and these are one of the best ones I’ve had. The matcha flavor isn’t very strong but I still love them (these got finished off while reading Dr. Stone lol). The boba gummies will probably be eaten on their own at some point haha.


Next we have the DX Delivery Car Pack, Fruit Donut Gummy, Ram Cup, Peach Gummy, and Candy Monster. The truck came with strawberry ramune tiny candies and they were all right. The Fruit donut gummy was a chewy and sweet, while the Ram Cup was a good way to get a bit of ramune flavor without having the drink on hand. Candy Monster is a hard candy that turns your tongue redder the longer you keep it in your mouth. I haven’t tried the peach gummy yet because my dad wants to try them too, so we’ll probs have them together one day haha.


Here we’ve got Banana Man, Super Chameleon, Grape Ball Ramune, Green Tongue Gum, and Kajiricho Melon Bread & Melon Soda Soft Candy. So all of these, were good honestly lol. The Banana Man was the same as before, a banana candy with chocolate; the Super Chameleon is always great to have because the hard candies are tasty; the grape ramune candy tastes like grape soda; the gum actually did turn my tongue green; and the melon bread and soda candy was so good. I love melon flavored candies and it was great to have.


Almost out of snacks, and here we have Dontacos Grilled Corn, Caramel Corn Kuromitsu Kinako, and the drink Mega Pachi can. The grilled corn Dontacos were like Doritos, but they were in a smaller bag and obviously tasted like grilled corn. The caramel corn looks like its in a tasty flavor, which the pamphlet describes as brown sugar syrup with soy powder. And the drink is an energy drink that’s found in vending machines throughout Japan, but I’m not sure if I’ll like it. I’m not normally one for energy drinks, and due to health reasons I’m not drinking carbonated drinks right now, so if its carbonated it’ll go to someone else in my family to haha.


Finally, we have the DIY kit Petit Jelly Shake and the Cinnamoroll Mochi in Latte Flavor. The DIY kit is going to turn into a muscat soda flavored foam with grape jellies apparently, and the Cinnamoroll mochi looks so good and adorable. I’m going to try and get my mom to try it since its latte flavored!


And that’s it for the May Japan Crate! Finally getting this made me so happy, cause there was so much good stuff and I can’t wait to try the things I haven’t yet.

I’ll be back in a couple days with the May Tokyo Treat!

May 2020 Inku Crate

***This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this box with my own money.***

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, packages from Japan Crate and Tokyo Treat were very delayed starting with April shipments. I am will waiting on my April Inku Crate, May Japan Crate and Tokyo Treat, and June Japan Crate and Inku Crate. July Japan Crate and Inku Crate should arrive on time due to their new shipping with DHL.**

Finally I have a crate that I’ve been dying to post on here! Due to the pandemic stuff has been delayed but I got one of my packages from Japan Crate! In March, Japan Crate released a new crate line called the Inku Crate, and its all stationary! I did get the March Crate, but I didn’t write a post for it because I didn’t think about it at the time, sorry about that. My April crate is still in transit, so when it does arrive I’ll get a post up, but today we have the May Inku Crate!


I love how cute the pamphlet is, and I wish the box was a bit smaller because there’s really not a lot taking up room, but I do understand why its the size it is, considering what’s supposed to be in the April and June crates!

So the first two items are two different kinds of washi stickers/tape! The first is a sticker sheet of parakeets, and they have the texture of washi, so they feel a little papery but they’re totally cute. The next is a roll of washi tape that’s called Ribbon Washi Tape in the pamphlet, and I got a pink one with bunnies on it!

Next we have a sticker book! This book apparently is for storing stickers, and you can even remove and restick the stickers! It sounds perfect for me haha. We’ve also got a super cute animal themed letter set, and a Hello Kitty pen! The pen has her wearing different Japanese outfits and its writes in black ink!

The last two items are a pack of stickers featuring traditional Japanese imagery, and a memo set with a pad that looks like Mt. Fuji and paper clips in the same shape! I love both of these items so much and can’t wait to use them!


There’s the May Inku Crate! I feel lucky to have gotten pink things like the pen and washi tape, because I just love the color pink lol. I’m gonna have to use some of this stuff in my journal!

As I said, I’m waiting for my April and June Inku Crates now, so when they get here, posts will be up and I can’t wait to share what’s in them!

Stickii Club June 2020 Cute and Pop Packs

***This is not a sponsored post. I purchased these packs with my own money.***

Welcome back to another Stickii Club post! Today I’ve got the June Cute Pack and Pop Pack because, again, I NEEDED BOTH. My little 6-ring binder is going to be full of stickers soon if I keep purchasing two packs a month, haha!

The themes for this month were Cherry Woods for the Cute Pack and Master Builder for the Pop Pack! I actually DO have a favorite pack this month, but I’ll say which one it is at the end! Let’s go ahead and take a look at these two packs and what my favorites from each of them were!

All right, so the Cute Pack this month is definitely cute with the outdoors theme! So we’ve got seven sticker sheets, a cute little notepad with a camping bunny and squirrel, a small set of mushroom creature sticker flakes, and a patch sticker of a mushroom creature in a little leaf both (its like a patch you sew onto a bag or jacket!) The sticker sheets include bears on bicycles, fancy looking woodland creatures, some interesting woodland creatures with faces (I’m not sure about this one haha), the same camping bunny and squirrel from the notepad, camping hamsters, acorns with emotions, and foxes doing various things! I think I’m going to say my favorites are the sticker flakes, camping bunny and squirrel, and the foxes!

And here’s the June Pop Pack! The Master Builder theme came with a multicolor notepad, washi sticker flakes, and eight sticker sheets! The sheets are architecture sketches, two sheets of witches and girls in fancy windows, different doors, geometric stamp-like stickers, blueprint washi strips, building block stickers, and skyline index flags! From this pack, I have to say my favorites are the washi flakes, the windows, and the blue washi strips!

So those are the packs I got this month! I haven’t been interested in any of the retro packs I’ve seen yet, so I’ve only been getting the Cute and Pop packs so far. Maybe one day a retro pack will speak to me! As for these two, I have to say that my favorite pack this month was actually the Master Builder Pop Pack. I really love how different everything is and I can definitely use these stickers for my journal and probably some sticker collages! The Cheery Woods Cute Pack is going to be harder to figure out what I want to do with but I’m sure I’ll figure something out!

Thanks for reading and I’ll have another post in two days!

Stickii Club May 2020 Cute Pack and Pop Pack

***This is not a sponsored post. I purchased these packs with my own money.***

Finally I’m back with a Stickii Pack post! No these weren’t late, I just didn’t have a chance to put this up last month haha. I decided to purchase both the Cute Pack and Pop Pack for May as I loved the previews and the themes for both!


I love the pink and purple envelopes these come in! The themes we had this month were Hangry for the Pop Pack and Under the Sea for the Cute Pack! We’ll start with the Pop Pack!

So WOW, such cute stuff in this pack! We’ve got a peach soda notepad, ice cream chapter paper clip, Hangry holo sticker, “I am hangry” memo pad”, and six different sticker sheets! The different sheets include fast foods, hangry cats, daily food stickers, CATS AS DIFFERENT DRINKS, different bao buns, and some Japanese snacks! I absolutely love this pack, its all so cute! I think my favorite things would be the peach soda pad, the hangry memo pad, and the sticker sheet of cats as drinks!

Now for the Cute Pack! I love sea life stickers and stationary, its always so cute! This pack came with seashell sticker flakes, a seashell paper clip, an octopus sticker note pad, a tiny letter set, and six sticker sheets as well! These sheets were seals as and with different foods, a sheet of letters and numbers, beach themed stickers, super cute transparent foods and drinks, different sea creatures, and a sheet full of tiny beach themed stickers like flip flops and bathing suits. Another pack that I just loved, and I’m excited to use! My favorites from this pack are the sticker flakes, sea creatures sheet, and the transparent foods and drinks!

So the May packs were SUPER CUTE. I’m torn on which is my favorite, I honestly can’t pick! Both of these packs have a home in my A5 6-ring binder with the April Cute Pack, and I’m excited to continue adding to it with future packs! I am starting to use stickers from my MASSIVE collection in my journal, and I have a plan for sticker collages that I’ll probably put here once I start them!

I’ll have another post on Friday with the June 2020 Pop Pack and Cute Pack!


Stickii Club April 2020 Cute Pack

***This is NOT  a sponsored post. I found this subscription pack on Instagram, got curious and excited, and subscribed with my own money.***

At the beginning of April, I was looking through my Instagram and had an ad for a subscription service called Stickii Club pop up while I was scrolling. If the name didn’t make it obvious, its a subscription service for stickers and I actually have a massive collection of stickers, which spans over THREE full binders so far.

I saw the Cute pack theme, which was I ❤ Stationary, and I immediately went for it. I mean, $11 after shipping for a bunch of cute stickers? Heck yes!


Like look how cute this pack is! Stickii Club has three different pack themes: Cute, Retro, and Pop, and each one comes with this sorter to hold all of them during transit and after you get them! I actually bought a cute, purple 6-ring binder to hold these because I knew I was going to stick with this subscription after this first set.


So this is one of the first stickers they give you. It attaches to two of the corners of your Stickii storage so you remember what theme the pack was later on!


The first stickers are these super cute stationary animals. We’ve got a little bear tape dispenser, a bunny container, and a cat pouch. They are so cute and the colors are so vibrant.


Next are these really adorable washi tape strips! They’re cut down to be the perfect size to add a bit of cute to your journal or artwork, and I just love them! I do have some plans for cute stuff with these stickers, so these will be great.


We also got eight full sized sheets of stickers! Of course we got one with the animal stationary, one that kind of has some parts that remind me of Beastars, some letter based stickers, mailboxes, pencils and pens, a cute one with a deer delivering letters, and shiba inu page flags! A few of these sheets are also textured, they aren’t smooth, flat stickers, and I love that we got something different, I’m not sure if I have many textured stickers in my collection. (There is a better detailed post of these sheets on my Instagram.)

And that’s the April Cute pack. I have the May Cute pack and Pop pack on my subscription for this month, and I can’t wait to get them and show off more cute stickers!



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