Artful Tuesdays: Thankful Coloring Page

This week is Thanksgiving in the US! I won’t be able to post anything this Thursday, so, there’s a coloring page in honor of this holiday!

I colored this page with Copics, Sharpies, and Sakura gelly roll pens.

I got this page fromΒ


Artful Tuesdays: Autumn Coloring Page #4

Here’s another cute little coloring page for autumn!

I colored this with Sakura gelly roll pens, Sharpies, Copics, and a Copic Multiliner as used on the little bear.

I got this page from

Birthday 2017 Haul

I had my birthday this past weekend, November 4th, and now I’m 24, OMG!

Apart from that, I got some lovely gifts from my family!


OK I didn’t receive everything here as a gift, bought two of the items pictured myself, but I’ll get to those in a bit.

So, what I received was Big Hero 6 on BluRay/DVD, an Oriental fan, a hamper, Pokemon Activity kit, cross necklace, decorative pillow, and a black, faux fur blanket.

I did also receive a set of FitBit Flex bands, but they were too small for my wrist, so, we have to return them. 😦

Close ups of the gifts from my three sisters. πŸ™‚

The things I purchased for myself were as follows:


Naruto volume 38, which now leaves me 8 volumes away from having the complete series.


A plush Bulbasaur backpack hanger. He was on clearance at GameStop and I love Bulbasaur, I had to get him!!

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle volume 2! No joke, I had no idea if I had this DVD yet, but I bought it anyway. I didn’t have it already, so, all good! πŸ™‚

Lastly, I purchased this AMAZING find from HalfPriceBooks. Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition! This is a HARDCOVER omnibus of the first two volumes of Fruits Basket! And just for reference…

Comparison of the Ultimate Edition with a “normal” Fruits Basket manga (forgive the messy volume 7. I bought it used because Hatori was on it and he’s my favorite character.)

Well that’s everything I got for my birthday this year. πŸ™‚ I’m very happy with everything and grateful for what my family gifted me. ❀

Artful Tuesdays: November 2017 Coloring page

It’s November!! My birthday was this past weekend, and this is my favorite month of the year! πŸ™‚

I colored this page with Sharpies, Copics, Sakura Gelly Roll pens, and Prismacolor colored pencils.

I got this page from

Artful Tuesdays: Halloween 2017 Coloring page

Happy Halloween! I have class all day today, haha. I have a bunch of chocolate to eat too, and I did dress up and go to my church’s fall festival on Sunday! I was a Pokemon trainer! πŸ™‚

I colored this page with Prismacolor black colored pencil, andΒ  Sharpies.

I got this page from


Artful Tuesdays: Fall 2017 Coloring page #3

Our third page for this fall whoo! πŸ™‚ Next week will be a Halloween coloring page!

I colored this page with Copic and Sharpies.

I got this page from

Artful Tuesdays: Fall 2017 Coloring page #2

Here’s our second fall based coloring page for the year! πŸ™‚

I colored this page exclusively with Copic and Sharpies.

I got this page from


Artful Tuesdays: Fall 2017 Coloring page #1

Here’s another coloring page! I’ve got a few I’m posting over the next few weeks, so just keep an eye out for them! πŸ™‚

I colored this page with Copic, Sharpie, and Atyou glitter gel pens.

I got this page from

Artful Tuesdays: October Coloring page

It’s been a long time since I posted here, but here’s a coloring page to celebrate October being here!!

I got thia page do

I colored this with Sakura gelly roll pens, Sharpies, and Copic markers.

July 2017 Umai Crate

Well here it is! This is, for sure, my last subscription box for a while, because I just bought a new phone and need to pay it off, and have other things I need to pay for.

But, this crate looks like it’s going to be a really good one!

This one has a couple of seafood flavored ramen! I love seafood and I’m sure these are going to be great to taste!

20170708_114310 (1)

This first one is Itomen – Champon Noodles. The booklet describes this as a tasty bag of noodles that comes with a little packet of dried shrimp and shitake mushrooms, yum! I think when I have this, I’ll add a soft boiled egg and maybe some green onions!

20170708_114322 (1)

This second package is the Itomen – Premium Yakisoba! I love yakisoba noodles, and this one is described as having a fruity scent with a soy glaze! I may follow the suggestion for this packet and add some sauteed cabbage and onion!


This one is the Fujiwara – Chikara Crab Ramen! Yay for crab ramen! I do think this one will be delicious, because I love crab and it already looks good from the package!


This noodle cup is the Yamadai – T’s Restaurant Tantanmen! These noodles were made out of a collaboration with T’s Restaurant, which is apparently a vegan based restaurant! These look good and I almost ate them immediately when I read what they were, just because they look good!


This second cup is the Yamadai – Tamarisato Amume Shomosomen! It’s a mini cup and the broth is flavored with two different kinds of kelp, plum, and has mini faux plum flowers in it! I really hope this is good!


This third cup is the Yamamoto – Umakaro Chinese Noodles – Miso! Yes more miso!! I absolutely love miso soup and flavors! These are a vegetarian friendly option and this looks really good. I’m super excited for more miso!


Finally, this is the Yamamoto – Small Shrimp Teniri Soba! More soba and this one has shrimp!! Shrimp ramen can be a hit or miss for me, but this one looks like it’s going to be great!


Our bonus item this month is Ms. Hen Spoon Cup! This little rubber chicken will sit on the edge of your bowl and hold your spoon for you, so you don’t have to try and balance it across the top or set it on the table!

All in all, even though I didn’t plan to get this box, I think it’s a really good one! I like having cup ramen as a simple, fast lunch some days, and the packet ramen is great to have on hand as well! (Shows how much of a college student I am lol.)

I’m really happy with this crate, and I can’t wait to eat all of these!





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