Ramune Pineapple Soda


I really, really love Ramune sodas. I had my first one when I was at A-Kon in 2012, and I’ve loved them ever since. If I have them and I want a soda, but not the calories, I’ll gladly drink my Ramune over my Dr Pepper that day. (Ramune only has 70 calories and 19 grams of sugar. I don’t have a Dr Pepper to compare that too, but it is a lot less than a serving of Coca Cola).

Ramune is sold in this six ounce glass bottle with a green stopper/pusher at the top. The bottle is sealed with a plastic wrap to keep the stopper/pusher attached to the bottle, but it’s also sealed with a marble in the top that you have to push down with the stopper/pusher in order to actually drink the soda.

WP_20141217_012 WP_20141217_013

 I’ve tried peach, strawberry, and I believe melon Ramune flavors. I did not know that pineapple existed until I went to the Asian market recently and found it, along with blueberry, in the refrigerated section. So I grabbed it (after trying to decide if I should get pineapple or melon) along with the blueberry and two cans of iced coffee (one of which will be reviewed soon, the other is gone). Each bottle is $1.99 at my local Asian market, which might seem like a lot, but compare the price to the one who pay at, say, an anime convention or on Amazon. It’s quite reasonable after that comparison test.

I only buy these about once a year, and when I do, I get two and a can of the iced coffee milk. I try to hold onto my Ramune for a while, because my trips to the Asian market are rare and far from each other, usually about a year or so in between, unless I can convince my mom to take me, ha. But I always try to buy flavors of Ramune I have not yet tried. I haven’t tried the original, I haven’t tried blueberry just yet, and there are definitely more I have yet to try, but would probably have to venture to Japan to get.

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 The pineapple Ramune is pretty good. It’s bubbly and just like a soda, as it should be, even after sitting in my fridge for about five days (it was sealed though). The actual pineapple flavor is not as strong as I expected it to be. I was prepared for strong, over powering pineapple flavor, but I should have learned by now that Japanese sodas are not as powerful in the flavor department as American sodas are.

But that’s what makes it good. It’s a soft flavor, but it’s still there. I think I actually like it better than the pineapple flavored Fanta soda we have over here.


 Ramune is just plain good, all right? If you ever have the chance to buy a bottle, you should do it. Any flavor that interests you the most will very likely meet your expectations, as long as they’re not that high or you’re comparing it to an American soda. (Can I add that the bottle for this flavor is freaking cute??)

***This is not a sponsored post! No one is paying me to review this product, nor does the company that distributes this drink know who I am or that I even exist.***

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