Lindt LINDOR Hello My Name Is… Caramel Brownie

***This is not a sponsored post! The company involved in the making of this product does not know that I exist, nor have they paid me for this review. I’m doing it for fun.***

I love Lindt chocolates. Their chocolate truffles are delicious and creamy, but this is not about their truffles today. It’s about another of their delicious products that I absolutely love and try to buy whenever I can at Target (because that’s the only place I’ve ever seen them).


This particular flavor is, most likely, my favorite of these chocolate bars. Caramel brownie is beyond belief delicious. It’s a chocolate bar with a bottom layer of brownie and a top layer of caramel, covered in chocolate that is sectioned off in easy to break pieces that make it either easier or harder to stop after just a few pieces.


The chocolate cover is plain milk chocolate, sweet and creamy, absolutely mouthwatering and just plain delicious. The caramel is soft and combines with the somewhat crunchy brownie piece to make for a wonderful combination in a small chocolate bar. The brownie in the bottom is rich, adding a lot more sweetness to the bar, but not too much that it could give you a toothache.

Each piece has a design on the top, the first and last ones of this bar saying “Hello”. It’s nice to see a chocolate bar that doesn’t have the same design or word repeated over and over again, and isn’t just smooth on the top.

The only problem I had with the one I bought is that my last end piece didn’t have much caramel in it, but there was still an after taste of caramel to that piece.


I love this chocolate bar. I want to hit Target up while they’re still selling these for $0.99 and stock up! I highly suggest it if you love Lindt chocolates and have been considering these, or, of course, if you just love chocolate and caramel together.


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