Plan for Posts

In my first post, I laid out the plan I had in mind for posting. I’m changing it up because it can take me some time to actually make my way through a manga book, or to sit down and write about a food item or something like that. I know I’m not going to be as busy as usually when classes start next month, but I’ll still have my classwork, especially for my capstone as I have to pass that in order to graduate in May. (Hoping and praying that I get a job next semester for right after I graduate.) Bento boxes will be posted when classes start on January 20 (most likely, I will take a photo and post about the bento box for the next day. So, it would be that the bento box is for January 20, but I post about it on the 19th).

So, this is the new plan:

Monday/Tuesday: Manga review & bento box
Wednesday: Japanese snack review & bento box
Thursday: American snack review & bento box
Friday: Anime episode review, online browser based game, & bento box
Saturday: Posting of some work I’ve done in Adobe Illustrator, cross stitched items, & anime episode review
Sunday: Weekly roundup

I am planning to start using my Instagram next semester to post pictures of my bento boxes each day, because I mostly take those to school when I’m stuck on campus, but I am considering using them at home on the weekends to keep me from pigging out on food and sweets (unless of course my family eats out).


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