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I’m so sorry for not posting this weekend! I got busy since Christmas is Thursday, and I was at church until about 2:30 yesterday, then I came home and made cookies with my sisters. (I also burned the back of my left hand while trying to get pizza out of the oven. It really hurts. ;–; )

So, no manga review, probably until January 5th, to be honest. I’m going to be busy this week and probably next week as well, but I do plan to get some posts scheduled so anyone that’s reading doesn’t have to sit and wait for posts.

Today I went to my local Asian market again (TWICE in two weeks!!) and I got some new things to test out for the blog! (Photoshop was used to remove distracting background.)


This photo shows off the new and old things I have to review for the blog. Included is:

Strawberry Pocky, Peach Hi-Chew, Strawberry Hi-Chew, Crispi Roll, instant Miso soup mix, rice noodle soup, Almond Pepero, Cookies & Cream Pepero (only $.99!!), “Pejoy” (inside out Pocky), Kancho cookies, Hapi Party Mix, two tins of mixed rice crackers (love them), Shrimp Chips (I stalked this last time and broke down and bought a bag), chocolate covered cookies shaped as bamboo shoots, Green Apple Ramune, Mango Ramune, Melon Ramune, UCC Coffee with Milk in a can, and a Royal Mills iced Cappuccino.

Also, this lovely item arrived in my family’s mailbox today with my name on it:

WP_20141222_006 WP_20141222_007

It is the deliciousness that can only be a Graze box. I started getting Graze boxes back in August, and let me just say these things are GREAT to throw into my lunch bag or just snack on at home. I get them about every month or every other month (because I is poor college student making minimum wage. ;–; ) and I have liked almost everything they’ve sent me.

These boxes are awesome, healthy, tasty snacks that you can receive in the mail up to four times a month (they have a weekly option, if you have the money). If you’d like to try it out but don’t want to spend the money right away, I have a friend code you can freely use! Simply enter it when you sign up and you will get your first and fifth boxes COMPLETELY FREE. You will have to enter your credit or debit card number, but that is simply for identification purposes (and to make sure you’re not signing up and cancelling multiple times just to get free boxes, most likely), and you can easily cancel if you’re not pleased or you do not want to spend the money (or you don’t have the money). Anyway, my friend code is: LDWW2QRFP. Enter it just like that and you’re ready to start grazing. 🙂

I’m going to be receiving my free trial NatureBox this week as well (maybe? Possibly next week) and plan to keep those long enough to throw into my lunch box with my bento lunches. My Graze box is being reserved for this as well, as long as each of the items will keep (probably not that tasty looking popcorn I’ve been waiting for).

So, that’s everything for now. Again, sorry for no manga review this week, but I’ll be reviewing Naruto volume 1 when I get to it! Perhaps I’ll review D.N.Angel or Ouran High School Host Club after that (Maybe even Kimi ni Todoke or Mixed Vegetables). Two posts will be up on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and I will POSSIBLY post pictures on Christmas of my gifts I receive and my family’s Christmas tree (before everyone breaks into the gifts, lol).

I’ll be back to post correctly after Christmas. Until, have some pictures of the cookies I decorated:

WP_20141221_001 WP_20141221_002 WP_20141221_004 WP_20141221_005 WP_20141221_006 WP_20141221_007 WP_20141221_008

(Why yes, that is an Uchiha fan cookie and that tree cookie had green cookie dough. Why do you ask? (*´・v・))

(Emojis/emoticons from: http://japaneseemoticons.net/ )

(This is not a sponsored post by any of the companies or websites mentioned in this post.)

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