Original/Almond/”Nude” Pepero biscuit sticks

***This is not a sponsored post! The company involved in the making of this product does not know that I exist, nor have they paid for me for this review. I’m doing it for fun.***

I personally really like Pocky. It’s a tasty little biscuit stick covered in a layer of chocolate. A whole box is a serving, but I always try to save some so I can eat it later or the next day.

Pepero is new to me. It looks like Pocky and tastes like Pocky, but it’s from Korea. Pocky is from Japan. This is the only difference between the two. One is Korean, one is Japanese.

But they’re basically the same. A crispy biscuit stick covered in a layer of chocolate. Just like Pocky, Pepero has different flavors. When we went to our Asian market, Pepero was on sale two for a dollar. My mom bought two boxes of plain, two of almond, and two of the nude, then let my sisters and I pick one.

WP_20141213_002 WP_20141213_003 WP_20141213_004 WP_20141213_005

The plain is exactly like Pocky. There’s no difference that I could taste from it.

The almond Pepero is a biscuit stick covered in chocolate with crushed almonds mixed in. It’s not bad. It’s just like the plain Pepero, just with almonds in it. (No picture available because reasons.)

WP_20141218_008 WP_20141218_011 WP_20141218_014

Finally, there’s the “nude” Pepero, which is just the original Pepero turned inside out. It’s a thin biscuit stick surrounding a chocolate crème center. It breaks easily, like the other two, and it’s pretty tasty with the chocolate center.

Of the three, the “nude”/inside out Pepero was my favorite, with the almond trailing behind, and the original in last. I really love Pocky, and if Pepero is at my Asian market and on sale, I’ll gladly pick it up in place of Pocky. So, I do suggest this to you as a cheaper version of Pocky, because there really is no different between the two.


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