Hershey’s White Chocolate Kit-Kat Bar

***This is not a sponsored post! The company involved in the making of this product does not know that I exist, nor have they paid me for this review. I’m doing it for fun.***

Kit-Kats are one of my favorite chocolate bars type things. I love breaking them apart, eating each piece, and eating the wafer layers one at a time. So, you can probably imagine how happy and excited I was when I discovered they made white chocolate Kit-Kat bars.


It’s delicious. The wafers are nice and crispy, with small amount of the crème in the middle (as is so with the original flavor Kit-Kat bars). The white chocolate adds even more delicious-ness to the bar. It’s not a strong, overpowering white chocolate, but it does have a nice flavor, when eaten with the wafer crisps.


If you’re like me, though, you love to eat the chocolate off the side and ends first, then eat the wafers with the top and bottom layers of chocolate. This is where you get the large amount of the white chocolate taste. I’m never sure what flavor the crème in between the wafers is, but it kind of reminds me of a hazelnut type of spread, perhaps.


Either way, it’s a good rendition of the always wonderful Kit-Kat bar. There is a dark chocolate version available as well, which I’m hoping to get soon to review on here. For now, I highly recommended purchasing the white chocolate Kit-Kat and trying it out yourself. Because it is just that good!


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  1. Anthony
    Dec 26, 2014 @ 12:37:06

    I am not a big fan of white chocolate. I enjoyed your review nonetheless.



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