A (Belated) Christmas Post

Uh… Merry belated Christmas! ^^; I had meant to post this on Christmas day, like, really late in the day, but the day went on slowly, I took a nap, worked on my new puzzle, and was just not in the mood to get on my laptop and write. :c Not even fanfiction got worked on *sigh*. Currently, I have a headache and just want to sleep, even though I slept until eleven today.

Anyway, I do have photos of the things I received for Christmas as gifts and in my stocking.

Gifts from family:


In the back are my new boots. I picked out a black pair on Thanksgiving, but the size was too small and when we exchanged them, Payless didn’t have my size in the black ones. :c So I have tall brown boots to wear the rest of the winter. Red and white penguin pajamas (i also picked these out, ha…), a black folding fan, Konoha leaf necklace, TY Beanie Boos penguin (can you tell I like penguins?), pink Yoobi journal, purple flowered pocket journal(??? i think that’s what it’s called??), cupcake 2015 calendar, “Beauty and the Beast Falling Love” Thomas Kinkade puzzle (it’s based on his painting AND I have the cross-stitch kit in my room. :D), Colton Dixon “Anchor” CD, and “Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie” DVD (this was my big present :3).

Stocking and food bag:


Cape Cod Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper kettle chips, Almond Pepero, three things of Post-It notes, three styles of Washi-Tape, a mini lint roller, a nail file, two Christmas design pencils, Pomegranate Raspberry EOS lip balm (I LOVE THESE THINGS) Chocolate coins, pack of roasted salted peanuts, JFC Akare Nori Maki, Russell Stover cake flavored chocolates, Ghiradelli caramel squares, penguin socks, Christmas Jelly Belly jelly beans, two mini Slim Jim sticks, Reese’s minis, a pink loofah (whoo~), and two cans of Pregresso New England Clam Chowder. (Not picture: 12 pack of Dr Pepper.)

Food bags are a tradition in my family. Every year “Santa” (*cough*mom*cough*) buys each of us a bag of chips that we want, a 12 pack of soda, candy, and one special food item that we rarely have. I always get clam chowder beacause I LOVE IT SO MUCH and I VERY rarely have it. I always try to say it and my other food items for a while so I can eat it when I really want it, and it’s been going well so far (it’s only been three days, but).

I also asked my mom is she could make sure there was a new loofah in my stocking, because mine BROKE and I needed a new one. This one is very nice. šŸ˜€

Hmm… That’s all I have about Christmas, yeah.

Right now, my family seems to be fighting off illness. My dad has been confirmed to have the flu AND strep, and I had a high fever last night and still have a headache. Other than that, I have nothing really planned until I go to my aunt and uncle’s house on the tenth.

I do have two things I am planning to work on soon: the famous deviantArt room meme and a Wreck This Journal.

I’ve been dying to do the room meme for almost a year, and am finally going to get to it after I purchase a new purse today/tomorrow from Amazon. I just cleaned my room earlier this month, and have to do a tiny bit of working in there about my desk before I do the meme, but now that I have the adobe products on my laptop again, I can do it at any time. (I also need to look for a new wallet… my Yoshi wallet seems like it’s going to fall apart on the bottom hinge.)

I do have a Wreck This Journal. I haven’t really worked on it since I got it last month, but now I have the time to work on it and would really love to keep track of my progress through photos and posts on here. I’m planning to use the Washi-Tape I have for it, and some pens that I have as well.

That’s everything I have to say for now, yup.

I’ll be writing posts today in a Word document and setting the ones that I can get done as scheduled posts and I’ll work on reading some manga books I’ve got and writing about those as well.

Until next time~!


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