Target brand Espresso Chocolate bark

***This is not a sponsored post. Nobody at Target knows who I am, I paid for this item with my own money, no one is helping me with this post.***

I really love dark chocolate. I’ll eat it no matter what is mixed in to it, even if has a little bit of chili pepper mixed in (I had that during Christmas last year and it was pretty good! I liked the kick it had). I don’t know if I’ve bought Target’s brand of chocolate before, but this was a random buy when I found it in the Christmas section last time I was there.

This one has espresso beans ground up and on top of the chocolate, and I think it might be mixed in as well. When I tried it, I tasted the espresso beans throughout the entire bar of chocolate, but that’s not a bad thing. I actually really love espresso and chocolate together.

WP_20141223_022 WP_20141223_023 WP_20141223_024

The chocolate itself was softer than I expected. It didn’t start to melt right away in my hands, but it broke off kind of like it was a Hershey bar. It tasted like any kind of dark chocolate you could buy or make yourself, but of course the espresso comes through as well.

Mine may have melted just a tiny bit and that could be why it was softer and broke apart easily, but it almost may just be a softer chocolate than you would expect. Either way, it was nice little treat for just a dollar, but I assume that since Christmas is over for this year, these aren’t available right now. Maybe Target will have these again next year. If they do, I suggest you pick one up and try it out!

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