Triscuit Limited Edition Cranberry & Sage crackers, graze Twist of Black Pepper healthy popcorn

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that makes this product has no idea I exist and did not give this item to me for free.***

You probably think the flavor of these crackers sounds disgusting. My family would agree with you. My mom pulled out this box about three weeks ago and offered them to each of us, saying she didn’t like them in the end.

I was the only one who ended up actually liking these crackers and stole the box for myself. They’re sweet because of the cranberry flavor, but not overly sweet. There is a saltiness from the sage that adds another flavor to the crackers and make them just as good as any other flavor.



Obviously, these were made for the holiday season and are probably off the shelves for this year, but I would love to buy a box this coming holiday season, because with some cream cheese on top, these become a delicious little snack you can enjoy any time.

The other item for today is graze’s healthy popcorn. I don’t have picture of this because I forgot, but let me tell you: I think my microwave is too strong for graze’s popcorn.

I did what the package said, which was to place the bag of popcorn in the microwave for two minutes and stand to listen, as it could have been done in about forty seconds, and they don’t want you to burn your popcorn.

Mine burned in the very middle. The top and bottom was fine, but the middle… quite burned.

It was still tasty, just had a hint of the burned popcorn throughout it. The black pepper taste was too strong (not like with the black pepper pistachios) but I added some powdered white cheddar popcorn seasoning and it really brought everything together in the end.

I like their popcorn. I don’t love it like I thought I would, but that might be because I accidentally burned it. If I get their popcorn again in the future, I’ll see about stopping my microwave sooner, just so I don’t burn my snack again.

(I will be receiving a NatureBox this week and another graze box next week. I do plan to take photos and write a small post about both boxes when I receive my graze box next week.)


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