Calbee Shrimp Chips and Mango Ramune Soda

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that makes this product has no idea I exist and did not give this item to me for free.***

I don’t eat a lot of mango flavored candy, nor do I actually eat the fruit. It like the taste though, and finding this Ramune was a pretty lucky. I was torn between getting this one and the melon flavor, but I decided to the mango this time around because I can always go back to the Asian market one day and get the melon flavor to try at some point.

This Ramune has a nice orange color, and tastes pretty good too. It reminds me of mango candy on first sip. It leaves a mango after taste in my mouth, but it’s not bad like some end up being.

I kind of let it sit out a bit too long, so, that may be why mine wasn’t as bubbly as normal, but it was still good anyway.

I’ll probably get this again some other time I go, just to drink for fun one day.


I only knew these chips existed because of LuckyPennyShop on YouTube. I saw him review the chips once and I wanted to try them. My last trip to the Asian market I stocked up on some things I wanted to keep for myself to eat and that I wanted to review on here. This was one that ended up being an in-between kind of purchase. I wanted to try them, but I also wanted to review them.

These are not a normal chip. They’re twisted and crispier than a potato chip, but in a good way. They’re also very light, so you can eat more than you would if these were plain potato chips and not feel like you’re being weighed down by having them as a snack. In fact, the nutritional information says that a serving size is about 55 pieces, but I eat less than that because I wanted to save these.

WP_20141223_016 WP_20141223_019 WP_20141223_021

As for the flavor, when you open the bag, you get hit in the face with a VERY powerful smell of shrimp, but the chip/crisp itself doesn’t have as strong a flavor. It’s light, but still give you seafood breath if you eat enough of them. Not exactly the kind of breath you want to have if you’re going to work or class.

If you like shrimp, I would suggest these to you, for sure. If you have an aversion to seafood, stay far away from these chips.


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