NatureBox and graze Box snacks!!

***This is not a sponsored post!! None of the companies mentioned have paid me for this. I spent my money or used a code they sent to all their customers for these items. No one at these companies personally know me. None of the links included are affiliate links.***

Oh my gosh, I am in LOVE with graze boxes!! I started getting these about every other month or so back in August, and I love them. I’ve only had two items in my boxes that I’ve had to put into my “trash” bin on the site, everything else has been wonderful!

This past week I received my January box, and this is what was in it:

WP_20150114_001 WP_20150114_002

The first item are the Cheese and Chive Oatbakes with a caramelized onion marmalade. I have been waiting for these to show up in my box since I start on graze, and they finally did!! I can’t WAIT to try them!


Next are the Fruit and Seed Flapjacks. Now Flapjacks are kind of like a granola bar, only softer and they’re made with oats instead. I haven’t had Flapjacks in my box before, but now I get to try them!


The third snack is the new Peach and Passion Fruit Parfait. I love peaches and the white chocolate infused with passion fruit sounded interesting. This will probably be a desert in one of my lunch boxes soon.


The last one is a simple nut mix. It includes cashews, Brazil nuts, and pistachios. Now, I personally love all of these nuts, so, I know I’m going to like this. I just wish they had given me something else in place of it…

Next up is my one and only (for now any way) NatureBox! I did the free trial in December, and I LOVED everything that was in my box (especially the Jalapeno Cashews). But, sadly, I make $7.25 an hour at my work study position, and therefore, cannot afford to get five bags of snacks each month for $20. So, after my trial box arrived, I had to cancel my subscription.

Then the day after Christmas happened, and NatureBox happened to e-mail me (and my sister) a coupon code that gave us a FREE deluxe box. Five full sized bags of whatever we put in our pantry completely free! It was AWESOME, and the boxes arrived on the 18th, and I have not been disappointed with my selections! (Note: At first, I had the Parmesan Garlic Pop-pops in my pantry, but they must have ran out because I received the Lemon Almond Biscotti Bites instead.)



To start, the Pumpkin Spice Nom Noms were in my trial box, and I decided to include them here!

Pumpkin Spice Nom-Noms WP_20150114_014Pumpkin Spice Nom-Nom 2

These are interesting little cookies (I guess they’re cookies??). They’re very soft and chewy, and have just enough pumpkin spice flavor to them that one at a time was enough for me. I didn’t think I would like them because I’m not a huge pumpkin fan, but they were pretty tasty. (Note: I believe these were a December limited edition snack, so, they are not the site anymore.)

Dutch Cocoa Sun-Crunch Dutch Cocoa Sun-Crunch 2

This is the Dutch Cocoa Sun-Crunch. It’s a sunflower and sesame seed cracker with dutch cocoa flavoring. I had the sea salt sun-crunch in my trial box, and it reminded me and my mom of a sesame stick! These are just like that, but chocolate flavored. I think they’re great for a little snack. (Note: The link calls these Dark Cocoa Sun-Crunch. I assume NatureBox changed the name after I got them.)

Lemon Almond Biscotti Lemon Almond Biscotti 2

These are the Lemon Almond Biscotti Bites. I was not planning on getting these, but I guess NatureBox must have ran out of the other snack I wanted, because these popped up in my box without warning. They are good, better than I expected. The lemon flavoring is not overpowering, which is nice, and the cookie itself is hard, just like I would expect a biscotti to be.

Italian Bistro Pretzels Italian Bistro Pretzels 2

The Italian Bistro Pretzels are next! I was very interesting in these, as I love garlic flavored foods and these sounded delicious when I saw them on the site. I had to put them in my pantry! I wasn’t disappointed in the least! The taste is perfect. The garlic is not too strong, and you can taste the Parmesan cheese as well.

Everything Bagel Sticks Everything Bagel Sticks 2

I was torn between getting this or the Honey Crunch Crisps, but the Everything Bagel Sticks won in the end, and boy, am I glad I chose these! While they don’t exactly remind me of an everything bagel, they have a nice flavor to them that’s not overpowered by either the garlic or onion, but it lands right in between and is a perfect combination.

Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops 2

All right, I saved this one for last because WOW I LOVE THESE. The Honey Macadamia Pretzel Pops were not high on my list, or my pantry for that matter. I wanted to get a mix of sweet and savory snacks, and these seemed like a good choice. It had a nice number of servings and sounded fairly good, so I put them in my pantry. I am SO glad I did that! These have a wonderful taste from the honey, and remind my mom of cereal! The honey-macadamia is a shelled coating on the outside of the pretzel, kind of like a candy, only better.

So, there you have it. I will have another graze box sometime next month, along with the free trial box from Love with Food! Until then, I hope you will check out these two subscription services and possibly even join one! You won’t regret graze, and NatureBox is worth it if you’ve got the money to spend each month. So what are you waiting for? Go join!!

graze: (Friend code for FREE boxes: LDWW2QRFP [First and fifth box only])




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