Naruto Chapter 1 Summary & Review

***VizMedia did not have a hand in this post other than the publication of the series in the US. They did not provide me with a copy of this book to review. It was done for fun, not monetary gain.***

The first chapter of the Naruto manga series can surprise you, if you don’t do any kind of research on the series beforehand, which is why I’m here (not really, but).

When you first open the book, it looks like the story is going to be hilarious, as it begins by showing Naruto Uzumaki acting out and covering the Hokage mountainside carvings of the villages past and current leaders in various paintings. Of course, the current Hokage, the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, hears about this from some other ninjas, and goes out to see just what is going on.

There he has a quick exchange with Iruka Umino, Naruto’s teacher at the academy, who yells at the twelve-year-old to get back to class.

There’s where we go next. Naruto is being lectured in front of his peers (in one page you can see his soon-to-be rival and best friend in the background) before Iruka tells them that, because of Naruto, they would all have to do the transformation technique and turn into him, perfectly.

Naruto, however, does not do this, instead transforming himself into a naked girl with clouds covering the private parts (I do not suggest these first two chapters of this manga for anyone under thirteen years of age). Iruka is, obviously, very surprised but in a more perverted way than disgusted, and once again yells at Naruto, before the manga switches once again to the Hokage mountainside, where Iruka watches over Naruto as he cleans the paint off the face, telling the blond that if he finished soon they would go get a bowl of ramen (of course, ramen is Naruto’s favorite food, so he doesn’t pass up the chance and finished quickly).

At the ramen shop, Naruto and Iruka discuss the Hokage and what the position means to the village and the people there, and Naruto makes the claim that we hear for 700 chapters: he will become the Hokage one day.

It’s hard not to root for him, especially after he fails the graduation exam the next day and is not given the leaf headband, a symbol of one’s status as a ninja of the village. While the Third Hokage tells Iruka he wants to speak with name after the exams finished, Naruto is approached by another teacher from the academy, Mizuki, who reminds Naruto that, when the Nine-tailed demon fox attacked their village twelve years ago (*hint hint*), Iruka lost his parents as well, and had been just as alone as Naruto had been his whole life. Mizuki then informs Naruto of a possible way to graduate, when leads to Naruto sneaking into the Third Hokage’s house late that night and stealing a secret scroll, surprising Iruka and everyone else, minus Mizuki, when they hear.

Iruka heads into the forest to find Naruto, remembering his conversation with the Hokage about how both he and Naruto had been alone for so long, Naruto from the very start, and to not be too hard on him. Once Iruka does find Naruto, the twelve-year-old is visibly exhausted from practicing the techniques in the scroll, and Iruka understands what’s going on once Naruto mentions that Mizuki is the one who told him about the scroll, before the two are attacked by said teacher, who admits that he had this all planned out, and then reveals to Naruto the exact reason why everyone would avoid him why they gave him those wretch glances, why they glared at him.

Naruto is the container of the Nine-tailed Fox, the Kyuubi, but Mizuki puts a spin on it and calls him the Kyuubi, stating Naruto is that creature. Iruka tried to stop him from revealing it, but failed. When Mizuki tries to kill Naruto, Iruka immediately protects the boy and is struck with Mizuki’s giant shuriken in the back. Naruto asks why his teacher, who showed him nothing but contempt, would protect him, looking shocked when he listened to Iruka explain that they were practically the same, always having been alone and that he was sorry for leaving Naruto and treating him like that, before Naruto runs off with the scroll and Mizuki begins to chase him again.

Iruka eventually catches up to Naruto, only to be attacked by him, but it’s then shown that this Iruka is actually Mizuki using the transformation technique, and that this Naruto is Iruka doing the same. The real Naruto is hidden behind a tree, listening as Iruka defends him and calls him a true ninja of Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

The moment Mizuki prepares to attack Iruka, Naruto enter the scene again, showing off the technique he had been practicing so hard, the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu, taking the chance to defeat Mizuki and protect himself and Iruka.

As a reward, Iruka provides Naruto with his own headband, congratulating him on graduating the academy at last.


Now, this manga is very special to me. I’ve been reading it since I was thirteen, and I’ve watching the anime that long as well. I love these characters, they’re very well written.

Yes, the series has its ups and downs, it flaws, but that shouldn’t turn you off to it. If you start with this first chapter, maybe you’ll come to love this blondie that begins to shout about becoming Hokage one day.

Naruto is a little brat at the beginning, but most main characters are in Shonen series. He does various things to get the attention of others because he’s alone, and he does get it, but it’s usually negative (though, I guess any attention is better than none).

His absolutely worst technique, in my opinion, is his Sexy Jutsu transformation, where he turns into a naked girl with clouds covering private parts. I know, it was used a comedic mechanism for the series, but it was still rather shocking and disgusting, in my opinion, to see this technique.

If I could fault Iruka for anything, it would be how he would change from being on Naruto’s side to against him in two seconds. I know he’s a teacher who has to discipline his students, but it makes him seem bipolar at times when he does this.

The Hokage does not have a very large role in this chapter, but he will in the next one. Though, it’s interesting to see this character, to see the leader of the village, even if he doesn’t do much in the chapter.

So, personally, I love this series, of course, but the first chapter is a bit slow and strange. The art is a bit messy when compared to the later books, but it is the first chapter after all.

With that in mind, the first chapter does make you want to read more. It makes you want to see where this story is going to go, who Naruto may meet and fight against next, and that’s what we’re going to deal with in the next chapter review.


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