Japanese Tea Cakes

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that makes this product has no idea I exist and did not give this item to me for free.***

I’ve been staking these Japanese tea cakes on Amazon for a while now. When I got to go to my Asian market in December 2014, I bought this pack of 18 tea cakes, five different flavors for $6.49, which is cheaper than the $9.99 on Amazon (with Amazon it’s on Prime, but I was able to have these instantly when I picked them up and threw them in my basket). The packaging is cute, it looks fit for a tea party, and each of the cakes of their own compartment in the plastic insert! It keeps them separated by flavor, which is good in the end, because you don’t want to mix up the milk cake with the green tea and get a strange flavor when you expecting a completely different one.


 The milk cake is cute (at least, the consensus on Amazon is that this is the milk cake). It looks a bit like a pinwheel, and has a light color to it. The inside paste feels a bit hard, but it’s actually soft when you bite into it. All I can say for the flavor is that it’s sweet. I couldn’t pick out any distinct flavors in it, just a sugary sweetness (which I usually don’t mind, but this was odd). It was ok, but not the best.


 The next is what’s most likely the soba bun. I couldn’t taste much of a difference betwee this one and the milk cake. It just tastes… sweet. Like overly sweet, wow.


 Third is the green tea bun. This one had just a little bit of green tea flavor to it. It was good, but not one that I would eat two or three of in a row. Not that good.


The fourth one is the chestnut bun. It was ok. Again, couldn’t taste much of a difference between it and the first two, but there was a little something else in it. Not sure, it was probably the chestnut. (Note: This may be the azuki bean paste cake.)


Finally is the one that may or may not be a white azuki bean paste cake. Um, yeah. I broke it open, and it was NOT white in the middle! Once more, it mostly tasted sweet, but it had some strange little flavor with it… I’m not sure what it was. (Note: This may be the chestnut bun.)

All in all, these are tasty little tea cakes. Yes, they taste overly sweet, but that’s why I would just eat them once a day or something like that. They’re not good enough for me to buy every single time I see them at my Asian market, but it was nice to finally try them out.

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