Assassination Classroom Episode 1 Summary & Review

If you remember, or saw the post, I wrote a review about the first volume of the Assassination Classroom manga, giving the first volume 4.5 out of 5 for its quality, art, and ability to suck you in. (The review can be found here.)

This time, I will be reviewing the first episode of the anime (and yes, I know I am about two weeks behind). Also, because I already have the first volume of the manga (and do plan to pre-order the second one) I will be going at this episode, and the subsequent twenty-one episodes (I am SO glad this is not a twelve episode series!) with the manga in my hand, to see changes and point them out, but not given any extra spoilers (I promise).

(Note: Any and all screenshots that may appear in this review were taken by me with my computer, but are from FUNimation’s video of the show.)

Assassination Classroom title

Koro-sensei Class-EKoro-sensei bullets

The first episode starts with the students of Class-E sitting in their seats, awaiting the arrival of their teacher. The scene cuts back and forth from the students to a scene in the sky, before returning to the students. Once their teacher enters the room, you finally see that he’s a yellow octopus type creature, and as he prepares to take attendance, the students jump from their seats and began to shoot at the creature, while he moves at a speed of Mach 20 (Google shows that this speed is approximately 6805.8 miles per second). After a few minutes, the students are out of BBs and have not even come close to hitting their target. While they question if the BBs even work, their teacher takes one of the guns and shoots himself with it, severing one of his tentacles (it grows back, don’t worry) and proving that they do, in fact, harm him.

koro-sensei shot himself taunting weird Good questions

Serving as the narrator during this particular scene is main character Nagisa Shiota, a boy with blue hair (yup) and a quiet, observant demeanor.

The next major scene gives the explanation as to why this class of junior high school students were hired to be assassins and take out this creature. He’s a monster (who was, in his words, born and raised on earth) who has just destroyed 70% of the moon, and is threatening to destroy the earth in one year’s time, but wanted to teach a class before then. The students are promised that if they can kill this thing, they will be given 10 billion yen as a reward. Quite a deal huh?

The students take up the task, and, as the episode plays out, you learn why they are cut off from the rest of the school, you see how different the students are, and that they believe that, even though they’re making progress in their school lives, it’s not worth because they are the worst class of the entire school. And, while they are truly attempting to kill this creature, they believe he is the best teacher they have ever had (could this lead to regret should they succeed in killing him?).

nice try fast jerk e as in end

During the lunch break, three of the other students pull Nagisa from the classroom, taking him outside to ask what he has observed of their teacher, before giving him a small pouch and telling him not to mess up. While Nagisa thinks back on the reactions of his possible friends when he was transferred to this class, their teacher finally returns, a missile in his hands as the government tried to corner him over the Sea of Japan.

poor kid nagisaslithering name

After lunch, the students are finishing for the day with the promise from their teacher that if they finish their poems, they will be released. Nagisa is the first one up, and the students notice he is hiding one of their specially crafted “anti-sensei” knives behind his paper, and doesn’t let it show until he tried to take out their teacher, but he sees through the plan before Nagisa jumps at him, and one of the students pressed the button on a controller and the grenade Nagisa wore around his neck explodes, sending the BBs flying and likely injuring both Nagisa and their teacher badly.

pink face be inventive! dang explode

Or so it seems. When they check on Nagisa, he’s covered in a protective film, which their teacher reveals is his skin that he sheds once a month. Once it seems as though Nagisa is perfectly fine, their teacher is obviously angry beyond belief at them, as his skin changes to a pitch black and he flies out of the room, gathering up the name plates from the houses of the various students and stating that, although he promise not to harm any of them, their family and friends were fair game (yikes).

welp nagisa ;--; oh snap pitch black!

The student behind the whole thing protests, asking why it was so bad they used and annoying technique to attempt to kill an annoying creature, but their teacher corrects him and says it was a good plan, but it failed because no one held Nagisa’s well-being in mind, not even Nagisa himself.

all they can do good yup end1

Afterwards, Nagisa promises he will kill this creature, and the teacher states that, if someone can kill him, they can all go home for the day (stuck in school, sheesh). While he cleans the nameplates and the students sit there somewhat dumbfounded, one of the female students, Kayano decides on a name to call their teacher, Koro-sensei from the word korosenai, which means “unkillable”.

Honestly, this first episode is a wonderful interpretation of the first chapter of the manga. Nothing is left out, very little is added in (even though you can’t even tell it was added) and the animation quality is top notch.

The voice actors fit as well. While I will not be naming all of them, you might be able to recognize Jun Fukuyama, who has voice Lelouch in Code Geass, as Koro-sensei. That laugh he gives Koro-sensei is perfect. It’s just what you would expect it to be for such a strange creature.

Mai Fuchigami is the voice of Nagisa, and I have to say, she does very well as him. I’m quite used to women voicing young male characters, it’s normal in subs and dubs, and she’s perfect for Nagisa.

Finally, the opening theme is great. I think it’s pretty adorable, and I would absolutely love it if FUNimation could somehow get the rights to the song and release it as a digital download (whether paid or free). I would love to set it as my ringtone (and Koro-sensei’s laugh as my text tone) on my cell phone. The ending theme is lovely. Short, and very soft, but I think it will fit the series as the show goes on.

All in all, this is a great adaption of this strange comedy, and I look forward to the rest of the season as well. I hope they’ll, someday, adapt the whole manga into an anime (like Naruto and Bleach), but we’ll just have to wait and see.


Animation: 5

Voices: 5

Opening theme: 5

How well it adapts the first chapter: 5

Overall: 5 out of 5


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