Assassination Classroom Episode 2 Summary & Review

(It took me like two hours to write this. ;–; I should make my summaries of the episodes a lot shorter and leave out some of the details for you to see when you watch it [if you watch it].)

***FUNimation did not pay me or provide me with anything for this review. The only way I got to do this was because of them posting the video to their site (and Hulu). The screenshots we taken with my laptop while watching the video, and I am making no money from this.***

The second episode of this comedic assassination themed series starts with Koro-sensei, our yellow octopus type alien teach, relaxing behind the school before classes start. He’s got a drink and an English newspaper in his hands, reading about how America is also talking about how he destroyed 70% of the moon. Hiding in the trees are Nagisa and Sugino, who are preparing another assassination attempt. Sugino has a baseball packed with the BBs that harm only Koro-sensei, and he intends to throw at their teacher as quickly possible, hoping that it will hit and earn him the ten billion yen. Here’s the wind up, and the pitch…

Assassination Classroom episode 2 title We open... So you think... wind up... the pitch!

The ball misses, only because of Koro-sensei’s insane speed of Mach 20. Sugino and Nagisa are surprised, of course, as they were sure that the baseball would hit. Koro-sensei gives them praise though, as the idea of embedding a baseball, which is silent unlike a handgun and very light weight was a good one, but Sugino’s pitch wasn’t anywhere near fast enough to hit him. While he tells them homeroom is about to start, Nagisa notices Sugino’s saddened face, before the scene cuts to the opening. (I still LOVE the opening. Please, FUNimation, somehow get the ability to release this as a download! I’d definitely pay for it!)

HOW cheater baseball poor kid

As class goes on, Kaede Kayano and Nagisa discuss Sugino’s failed attempt to assassinate their teacher, which he is still fairly upset about. While Nagisa gives a quick narration of Koro-sensei’s speed, a yellow tentacle flies by, and Koro-sensei snatches the drawing Sugaya was working on, stating he had more refined feature than that. (Mm-hm… sure you do.)

When they break for lunch/recess (not sure which one, I think its lunch) Koro-sensei says he has something to do that day, before flying off to New York to catch a game (you have three guesses as to what sport). The students being discussing what on earth he could bring them back from New York (if he ever did that), before Karasuma shows up, asking if there are any clues the students had found to taking out their target (side note: Nagisa is adorable here). The students complain a bit, saying that it was impossible because of how fast he moves, before Karasuma says that, even though no military could take him out, Class-E has the chance, because they were around him every day, and he insisted on being their teacher, for a yet unknown reason (I hope we find out at some point).

drawing in class DUH ........disguised

After lunch, once Koro-sensei returns, he and Sugino have a small discussion about his pitch yesterday, and Koro-sensei asks if Sugino is in the baseball club. Apparently he was, but his pitches were so slow that he was benched, and, because he let his grades dropped and was place in Class-E, he is no longer allowed to attend the club (wow, that’s rude). Koro-sensei offers to give him some advice, when Nagisa realizes he needs to turn something into Koro-sensei, and he sees the two talking, opening the door outside just as Koro-sensei has Sugino tied up in his tentacles, for a reason of course (…this is so weird). Nagisa asks Koro-sensei about his promise not to harm the students, and Koro-sensei responds by saying he wasn’t hurting Sugino, he was comparing his shoulder muscles to those of a major league player, stating that there was no way he’d be able to pitch fastballs with the way he was (Koro-sensei also shows that he got an autograph from the major league player when he tested out his muscles, surprisingly).

Nagisa gets angry, wondering if Koro-sensei was being cruel to Sugino, but it was the on the contrary; he’s trying to help his students. He tells Sugino that, despite his messed up shoulder muscles, his elbow and wrist are more flexible that the major league players’, and tells him to find an assassination style that best suits him, brining Sugino’s spirits up at that.

WHAT IS THIS aw neat yay~

Nagisa follows after Koro-sensei when he leaves, asking if he really did go to New York just to give Sugino advice, because most teachers wouldn’t go that far to help a student. Koro-sensei confirms this, and states that, while he will destroy the earth in a year, he made a promise to someone and was going to keep it, and continue being their teacher (he says this while he grades Nagisa’s homework). When he finished grading Nagisa’s homework, you think he’s going to be impressed with his teacher, when he seems rather unimpressed with the “weird” problems written in the back, shocking Koro-sensei.

The first half of the episode finishes with Nagisa helping Sugino practice his throws, before going to the window and asking Koro-sensei to come outside and let Sugino try to kill him, which causes their teacher to laugh and ask if he hadn’t learned his lesson yet.

lol Ha...

The second half of the episode starts with Koro-sensei shaving ice from the North Pole for a treat, but he doesn’t notice the students preparing to attack him from behind. After a moment, the students call for Koro-sensei, asking if they can have some shaved ice as well. While he is moved to tears, Koro-sensei takes notice when the students pull out their knives, moving fast enough that they barely notice he’s gone, and has replaced their knives with flowers, the flowers they had grown themselves as a project.

Koro-sensei spazzes out because of this, and rushes to get new bulbs for the students, planting them immediately. Kaede asks Nagisa about his notepad, where he’s jotting down the weak points of their teacher as they show up when Koro-sensei messes up for does something, and he hopes they will be useful in the coming days.

The scene cuts to, I assume, the principal’s office, where Karasuma has stated that he will begin the next day as Class-E’s P.E. teacher, while the principal says that as long as the student’s safety and education comes first, he can do was he wants. He is surprised at how understanding the principal was after he leaves, and then hears two students discussing their grades. One is close to being placed in Class-E, and they complain about how bad the building the students in that class is, and how badly their treated while scenes of students walking together, reading the exact same book plays by (what zombies…).

There he is! split it OUR FLOWERS karasuma zompie students

The next little bit of the show has some kind of weird… I don’t know what it is but it talks and describes Class-E and the rest of the school to the viewers (it’s really weird, and an obvious add in to the show to extend this part of the episode). [If anyone wants to help, the weird thing is call Kunudon.]

When Karasuma shows up at Class-E’s building the next day and Kaede is the one to meet him, welcoming him as “professor Karasuma”, before leading him to where the students are having an assassination free-for-all with Koro-sensei, who is tied up on the branch of a tree and swinging about as the students try to take him down. Karasuma is not impressed, and then the branch Koro-sensei is tied to breaks, dropping to the ground, resulting in the students yelling to kill him as he starts to roll about, before his tentacles become tangled up in the rope.

After getting free and stopping on the top of a building, Koro-sensei says he’s doubling the homework for that night, causing the students to call him petty before he flies off. The students are excited though, as that is the closest they have been to killing Koro-sensei, and Karasuma watches them as they happily discuss assassinaton, which is, of course, odd for junior high students. Nagisa is positive they can take him down, because if they can’t, how would they be able to face him?

oh boy their faces he fell how petty yup

In a bonus scene, a new student is receiving a briefing on the mission Class-E has, as he will be joining them once his suspension is over. He states that he doesn’t care if Koro-sensei is a human or not, because he’s wanted to try taking out a teacher (if you’ve read the manga, you know this is).

hmmm hmm yes it does karma

Now, let’s get to my review.

What can I say? The episode adapts the manga very well! Chapters 2 and 3 are adapted in this episode, and I can’t see any changes between the two. The only thing I would fault it for is the weird little thing that tries to explain why Class-E is segregated from the rest of the school, because it doesn’t really seem to fit for me. It’s too… cutesy to be in this anime, but at least it doesn’t distract too much from the actual episode.

I like seeing Koro-sensei interact with the students. Yes, he is planning to destroy the earth, but he’s trying to help these students get better at their school work, to be more confident in themselves, and help them grow as people. It’s interesting since he’s going to end up killing all of them when he destroys the earth, but it’s pretty heartwarming too.

Karasuma joining the gang at the school is going to be interesting as well. He’ll be their P.E. teacher and, in the manga, that requires teaching them assassination techniques that they can use against Koro-sensei.

The next episode, which was postponed for a week in Japan, introduces a new student to the classroom. His story is kind of sad, but the way he reacts to what happens is wrong. But, we’ll get into that in the next summary/review.

Episode 3, “Karma Time”, will be reviews and posted by next Tuesday evening.


Animation: 5

Voices: 5

How well it adapts the chapters: 4.5

Overall: 4.5 out of 5


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