Russell Stover Cake Assortment chocolates

I love Russell Stover chocolates and always want to get a chocolate bunny from them for Easter. Their chocolate is always delicious and I’ve never had a bad experience with it before. I received this little box of chocolates for Christmas and am just now tasting them, but I’m not too disappointed.

WP_20150125_001 WP_20150125_003

The first one is the Chocolate cake flavored piece. It’s got a dark creamy chocolate in the middle that is a bit more bitter than the outer layer of chocolate, but it’s not bad at all. While the taste doesn’t really remind me of a chocolate cake, it’s still a tasty piece of candy.


The next piece is the carrot cake and it really DOES remind me of a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! The flavor is all there, and this is a great piece of chocolate because of that.


Third is the wedding cake. It kind of has a strong almond flavor to it, and reminds me of a wedding cake flavored cupcake I had a couple years ago. It’s not bad, but, not my favorite.


Finally, we have the red velvet cake flavored chocolate. Red velvet is my favorite type of cake, but this one doesn’t have a very strong red velvet cake flavor. I mean, it’s there, but not by much.


So, out these four, my favorite, surprisingly, is the carrot cake, followed by the red velvet, then to chocolate, and last is the wedding cake. I do recommend these, but just realize you’re not gonna get perfect cake flavors on these (except for the carrot cake).


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