Love with Food December Tasting box

I discovered Love with Food by accident at the beginning on the year. A friend of mine pinned it to one of her boards on Pinterest and I decided to get the free trial box (that will be posted about when it arrives later this month). While waiting for my $2 trial box (that’s for shipping. the rest of it is free), I decided to buy their December Tasting Box because it looked like it had some tasty looking items in it. I got it Wednesday (only about a week after I ordered it) and I am very impressed with the box itself, and I will slowly work my way through the snacks and post about each of them.

WP_20150204_001 WP_20150204_003 WP_20150204_004 WP_20150204_006 WP_20150204_007

(Sorry for the two photos that are sideways.)

The box had their guide about the snacks in the box on top, and it explains, in just a couple sentences, what each items is and gives the company’s name and Twitter handle if they have one.


The first is a small cardboard folder with a sample package of Nocciolata hazelnut spread. Now, I personally love Nutella, and this sounded delicious (it’s one of the main reasons I bought the box) and I am excited to taste this on either of toast or crackers.


Second is the Dark Chocolate Honey Mint. There are two of these, and I was most intrigued by them when I saw them on the site. I am very excited to try these and see how good they are. (I am not sharing these, lol.)


Third is the Liddabit Sweets Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. I like chocolate, I like salted caramel, and these sounded good. There are only two of them as well, but they look like they’re a good size.


Forth item is the Espresso Candy. I completely forgot these were going to be in here, and I was surprised to find the two pieces that I did. I gave one to my mom and kept the other for myself to taste.


The fifth item is the Crunchy Cookie Chips by Hannahmax Baking. These are the chocolate chip flavor and I kind of think my bag is probably broken into a thousand piece, but I still think they’ll be tasty.


Number six is Oogie’s organic Kettle Corn. They do not use GMO modified corn (I could seriously care less about this??), so, I’m kind of looking forward to trying it. I hope it tastes good, because I love kettle corn.


The seventh item is the Dark Chocolate Coconut. It’s coconut pieces covered in dark chocolate. I love to eat coconut, and I also love dark chocolate. I really hope this is good.


Finally, the Olympos Pitted Green Olives with Herbs. I have seen either this specific brand or one like it before. I was extremely interested with this shelf stable olives, and because I like olives, I wanted to try these at some point. Now I have a trial pack to try!

The rest of the box has a few papers from other companies and there was a $100 wine voucher to a site, which I also gave to my mom (I don’t think it’s going to be used).

WP_20150204_018 WP_20150204_019 WP_20150204_020

So, yup. That’s the first Love with Food box! I’ll be getting February’s Tasting Box soon, and a Sweet Treat Graze Box, probably the same week. I’m excited to see what I get in these boxes!!


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