Assassination Classroom Episode 3 Summary & Review

Assassination Classroom episode 3 title

The third episode of Assassination Classroom opens with the students in the middle of a P.E. class with Koro-sensei and Karasuma watching over them. The students are swinging their swords in rhythm, counting as they do so. Karasuma has decided to teach the students assassination techniques as their P.E. lessons. Koro-sensei is told to go play in the sandbox (which he does while sobbing), and states that the students loved his P.E. classes, which they refute by bringing up that he tried to teach them to move at Mach 20 while doing cat’s cradle.

uh-huh yay~ lol not happening man

Karasumi takes a chance to allow the students to try and hit him. If they can, they get to go home early! Unfortunately, no one actually hits him, and they are stuck continuing the school day (and Koro-sensei even has a traditional tea for himself as they attempted to hit Karasuma). As they leave the area they were having P.E. Nagisa is greeted by a returning student, Karma Akabane, the mystery student from the end of episode 2, whose suspension has finally ended and he’s been allowed to return to the school and join Class-E (and then the theme song!! I love it so much).

infriating karma's back! 3...2...1... pudding...

After meeting Koro-sensei (who did know Karma was joining them), Karma attempts to shake his hand, and instead, koro-sensei’s tentacle turns to mush, and Karma tries to take him down with a knife, commenting on how Koro-sensei jumped so far back. Throughout the episode, Karma tries to take down Koro-sensei, whether by spreading anti-“me” BBs on the floor and taunting Koro-sensei to come near him by stealing his gelato he brought back from Italy.

dude... don't run very petty whoa .... hmmmm

Things truly come full circle near the end of the episode. Karma continues trying to shoot or stab Koro-sensei his second day in class, but, as Koro-sensei can move at a speed of Mach 20, all he does is avoid Karma’s attacks and clean his student up, either by painting his nail or dressing him in a pink, frilly apron during cooking class.

All of this begins to get to Karma (supposedly) and he starts to worry about taking down their alien sensei, until he finally comes with a way he thinks will work, and puts it into action when Koro-sensei and Nagisa check on him. Karma throws himself over the edge of a cliff, one of the specialized guns in his hand with this thought in mind: if Koro-sensei lets me die, he won’t be a teacher anymore, but if he tried to save me, I’ll shoot him. As he starts to fall, Karma remembers how he had one teacher who supported him, so long as he was in the right. When Karma protects a Class-E student from bullying, the teacher turns his back on Karma, telling him he can go join the Class-E rejects if he wants. This is why Karma doesn’t seem to trust or accept Koro-sensei as a teacher. He’s afraid he will be abandoned again, but Koro-sensei proves Karma wrong by saving him, having made his tentacles sticky enough that he could catch Karma without possibly killing. After this, Karma says that he will kill Koro-sensei, even though their sensei doesn’t fully believe it (of course).

nail art nice apron BRO sticky icky good luck bro you're...happy about that

Now, of course this episode was delayed a week in Japan, but I can fully understand why. With the situation that had been going on, it makes sense and I’m glad they didn’t outright cancel the show because of it.

This episode is different than the first two. Yes it still focuses on assassinating Koro-sensei, but it also focuses on Karma and the obvious fears he may be abandoned by yet another teacher, and it’s pretty sad for him. He had someone that was on his side, wanted him to prosper and succeed, until he made the mistake of beating up and injuring an upperclassman in the defense of a Class-E student. Karma was somewhat in the right, but with the way he reacted it makes sense why his teacher was mad, but abandoning Karma like that was wrong.

As I’ve said before, Karma is a very interesting character. He’s kind of sadistic, but in this show, it works for a character and I don’t mind it as much as I would had this been a different show with a different plot/premise. Karma adds a missing piece to the class: a student that doesn’t stop and tries a many times as he can to take out their target.

I think this was a good episode that did VERY well with adapting chapters 4 – 6 of the manga. Everything looked like it matched up fairly well with the manga, and I’m ready for chapter four (oh boy will it be a bit awkward for me). I do feel like they’re going to skip chapter 7 though, and I liked that one.


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