Assassination Classroom Episode 4 Summary and Review

***FUNimation and/or FujiTV did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

Assassination Classroom Episode 4 title

Episode four of Assassination Classroom opens with Koro-sensei purchasing some cheap snacks now that he’s finally gotten his paycheck. While leaving the store, he sees a blonde woman being harassed by a group of men outside a car and comes to her rescue, scaring off the thugs and being given gratitude by the woman, who then asks if he knows the way to Kunugigaoka Junior High School. If you’ve read the second book of the manga (which I swear I will be reading and reviewing soon), you know where this is going. If not, I’ll gladly tell you.

The blonde woman is the students’ new foreign language teacher, Irina Jelavic. Don’t let her looks fool you though (even if they have fooled Koro-sensei), she’s actually a trained assassin who, according to Karasuma, knows 40 different languages and is very good at her job of taking out targets. The students aren’t fooled by her supposed crush on their alien teacher, but it’s going to be a little while before Koro-sensei may even sense something is wrong with this woman crushing on him. Karasuma does inform Irina that she has to teach the children during her time there, but she fully believes that there won’t even be time for teaching, as she intends to kill Koro-sensei right away.

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During what I assume was a lunch or recess, the students are playing a game with Koro-sensei before Irina runs out and practically begs (it’s a façade, you know) him to go get her some Vietnamese coffee, which he does immediately and leaves the students with Irina. Irina goes right for Nagisa, somehow knowing he has the information on Koro-sensei, and kisses him to try and convince him to give her what she wants, telling all the other students that she wants whatever information they may have, also telling them not to call her by her first name, which leads Karma to give her a not so nice nickname (I will not be writing that nickname here, as I try to keep this blog and my mind free of nasty names and cuss words). She even tells them that she’s only going to play teacher while Koro-sensei is around, meaning all she cares about is kill him. The students appear to have come to the consensus that they absolutely hate Irina, which does not bold well for her.

After they return to the classroom for study hall, Irina is going over a strategy to kill Koro-sensei when the students ask if she’s going to teach them anything, calling her by the nickname Karma gave her. The only lesson she even tries to give them is how to say her name, by making them sit for an hour biting their lower lip to properly say the “V” sound. A little bit later, she tells Karasuma she has her plan all together, and Koro-sensei returns with some Chai tea she had asked him to bring. Irina asks Koro-sensei to meet her in the shed during fifth period, which he agrees to.

8 9 10 11 12

Later, the students watch as Koro-sensei follows Irina into the shed, surprised he would fall for such a tactic but Karasuma tells them that it’s pretty impressive she was able to pull this off in one day. While in the shed, Irina’s henchman are preparing for their attack as she fakes that she’s in love with him, causing Koro-sensei to get flustered like there’s no tomorrow. While she goes behind an old chalk board, her henchman begin shooting at Koro-sensei, to no vail though, as he informs her that metal bullets cannot hurt him, and that he always gives care and grooming to would-be assassins. As he does this, the students come running to see what happened, only to see Irina dressed in an old gym uniform and completely humiliated by the failed assassination, promising she’ll take care of him soon.

During class later on (or the next day, I’m not sure which one), Irina is trying to find another way to kill Koro-sensei, while the students wonder if, since she’s obviously not going to teach them anything, she’ll switch out with Koro-sense so he can teach them. Irina makes the mistake of tearing down the students after they mention they have entrance exams this year, and calls them the loser misfits of the school and says she’ll give them 5 million yen to share, until an eraser is tossed at her and they tell her to leave, throwing a fit because of how she acted towards them.

Irina goes to complain to Karasuma, who tells her to apologize to the students even though she has no teaching experience. He takes her to the back of the school house and shows her where Koro-sensei spends his Wednesdays after sixth period, writing individualized tests for his students. Karasuma then shows her the students playing a game of Assassination Badminton, where they are trying to hit a ball that looks like Koro-sensei with fake swords. He also tells that if she touts being a pro so much, she had better learn to be an assassin and a teacher at the same time, or she would have to leave.

15 16 17 18 19

Irina returns to the classroom later, telling the students that she will teach them basic conversational skills to help with their assassination attempts, and their English as a bonus, and that she apologized for what she had said earlier, making the students laugh because of the fact she had just been threatening to kill them and was now acting nervous. The group decide they can’t call her by the nasty nickname they had chosen earlier, but just add sensei to the end of it and upset Irina even more. Karasuma and Koro-sensei watch from outside the classroom, with Koro-sensei suggesting he expected a new teacher to be brought in while Karasuma muses about how this octopus alien thing still hasn’t said a word about why he decided to teach this class.

20 21 22 23 24

Irina is an all right character. I personally get a bit annoyed and fairly uncomfortable when there are characters that are used to play up the sexy factor of a series, but as long as it’s not in every freaking episode I’m usually ok (this is why I will never watch or review any hentai). Her voice is a bit higher than I expected, but I think as the series goes on it will get better, it usually does because the voice actors seem to slowly ease into the characters personalities and get a feel for the voice they need to use.

I think that, now that two of the more major characters (Karma and Irina) have been introduced, the series will go along smoothly for the next few weeks, until this season (I hope there’s another season) ends. I’m looking forward to the dub to be released on DVD later on, and I highly suggest that, if you can afford it and you’re a fan of the AC, Death Parade, or Tokyo Ghoul, you invest in FUNimation’s all access subscription to try out their new dubs on Wednesday nights. I personally cannot because I can’t afford it, but if you can, go for it!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned the ending theme before, but it’s a very quiet song for such a show. It may not fit to some people, but with how hilarious yet serious this show can be, I think a calm, soothing ending theme is great to finish off an episode.


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