Strawberry Hi-Chew

Today I have the Strawberry Hi-Chew, and this is, sadly, the last item I have from the Asian market, minus some hard candies I’m putting into a large post soon. So, after this, until I get some candies off Amazon or from the market, there won’t be anymore posts about Asian snacks and such for a while. 😦

So, for this one, I have to say that I am, in fact, a huge fan of Hi-Chew. My favorite as the Peach flavor, but they’ve discontinued that flavor and now I have to find a new favorite.

The package is a cute pink and red color, and the pieces are wrapped in a white paper. When you unwrap it, it gives off a very strong strawberry scent, but it’s not bad. The candy tastes exactly like any strawberry flavored candy, and is very chewy, to the point it can take a little while to eat it.

WP_20150314_001 WP_20150314_002 WP_20150314_003 WP_20150314_004

I don’t mind this flavor, I just like the peach one better, but I do suggest this one if you like strawberry flavored candies or need a new flavor of Hi-Chew to eat.


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