Lindt “Hello My Name Is…” Chocolate Bars – Four Flavors!

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that made these products has no idea I exist and did not give these items to me for free.***

I have four of these delicious candy bars for you today! There is, from what I can tell, just one flavor I have yet to try. If I can get that last one, I’ll give it a separate post because it’s a pretty interesting flavor for a chocolate bar!

The first flavor is the Dark Chocolate Cookie bar. The one I have is melted, yes, but that’s because I’ve had it for a while and my room was really hot back in December and January, so, the heat made my chocolate bar melt, but it didn’t kill the flavor or anything. The outside and inside chocolates are bitter, because it’s dark chocolate, and there is a crunch to it for the cookie part of the bar. I love this one. It tastes great and I would love to buy it again.

WP_20150306_034 WP_20150306_037 WP_20150306_039 WP_20150306_041

Second is the Cookies & Cream flavor. This is a chocolate bar with milk chocolate on the outside, white cream inside filled with chocolate bits of cookies. It’s creamy and delicious and one of my favorites of these bars. I absolutely love it!

WP_20150328_003 WP_20150328_004 WP_20150328_005

Third is the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor. Opening the package I get a huge smell of strawberry, but it’s good, even though I don’t like strawberries that much. This one also has a milk chocolate outside, and the inside is definitely reminiscent of a bite of strawberry cheesecake. It’s great, and one of my favorites. I really like it.

WP_20150328_009 WP_20150328_011 WP_20150328_012

The final one for today is the Salted Caramel bar. I’ve never had this one and didn’t know it existed until I saw it at Target recently. I picked it up and decided to try it out. I tried sawing into it since it has a thin caramel in the middle, but it didn’t work out very well, haha. Anyway, this one has a milk chocolate outside too, with the salted caramel inside. I tasted a tiny bit of the caramel and had no salt in it until I actually ate a piece of the candy bar. It was really good, and not overly salty like some salted caramel items are. I liked it.

WP_20150328_015 WP_20150328_016 WP_20150328_017

Well, that’s pretty much it for these candy bars right now. I hope I can get that final, strange flavor soon.

Any guesses on the final flavor? Which one of these would you most like to try, and which one do you think you’d hate?


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