Assassination Classroom Episode 7 Review&Summary – Time for a Trip!

***FUNimation and/or FujiTV did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

Sorry for how late this post is, I’ve been really busy the past few weeks!

Assassination Classroom title episode 7

Anyway, let’s get started! Episodes 7 of Assassination Classroom encompasses the first part of the Kyoto School Trip Arc, and it’s a pretty good adaption. The students make their own groups and inform their class president, or vice president, who they will be in a group with. While they are doing this as an annual school trip, they are, of course, going to be attempting to assassinate their sensei, as always. Karasuma lets them know about this, and that the monetary prize will be split up between those who contribute to the completed mission, based on how much they participated.

1 2

Of course, even though this is happening, Koro-sensei is excited for the trip, even going so far as to pack a bag so full of stuff it’s bulging and you can’t help but wonder what he’s forgotten. The students’ excitement is infectious, and makes you want to see what happens as they prepare for their trip. Irina is less than excited, and, when she expresses this, the students tell her she can stay and watch over their garden for them, which she fights against and says she will be going with them.

3 4

When they leave the next week, our darling Class E is stuck using coach on the train, while the other classes get first class. Well, this isn’t much of a problem for Class E, because they enjoy each other’s company and don’t truly seem to care in the end if they’re stuck in that car, especially after the antics of Irina and Koro-sensei.

Irina shows up decked out in Hollywood style clothes, which Karasuma makes her change out immediately (it’s funny because, in the manga, he says it looks like Hollywood threw up on her). Koro-sensei gives the most laughs though. As he missed getting on the train (because he was buying snacks), he suctions himself to the side and tries to hide himself by blending into the train itself, but that leaves his clothes and backpack visible! Wouldn’t that freak you out to see? Once they get him inside, one of the other students creates a better looking nose for Koro-sensei, who gratefully takes it.

Quick reference, Nagisa’s group on this trip includes Karma, Sugino, Okuda, Kayano, and Kanzaki.

Kanzaki offers to go buy drinks for everyone, while Okuda and Kayano decide to go with her. As they head to the other car, they bump into a group of boys who just ooze a bad vibe when you see them. Apparently, Kanzaki drops a little notebook itinerary and the thugs find it, planning something awful as they do so.

When they reach the hotel, Koro-sensei’s weakness of motion sickness is shown, and he mentions he’ll be flying back to Tokyo because he left his personal pillow behind (another weakness is that he can’t sleep without his pillow). Kanzaki is looking through her bag for her itinerary (which she only created so they wouldn’t have to carry the giant, dictionary like one that Koro-sensei made), and finds it’s nowhere to be found, worrying her.

The scenes cut back to the thugs, who are students from a public high school and one a trip as well, with the lead thug planning to “ruin” something.

The next day, the students are trying to find the best place to assassinate Koro-sensei, with Nagisa taking them to several places known for real-life assassinations. As they head down an alleyway, the students from the public school show themselves, telling the boys to give up the girls and they would be left alone. Karma, instead, fights them, taking down a few of them before he, Nagisa, and Sugino get taken down themselves.

5 6

Once they awaken, the boys find that, minus Okuda who had hidden, the girls had been taken by the thugs. Kanzaki and Kayano are shown to be trapped in a storeroom, where the thugs are talking about how they’re going to be photographing everything and ruin things (what perverts!), while also showing a photo of Kanzaki where she was dressed down, in an arcade, and she reveals her past from the year before to Kayano, also stating how she doesn’t even know where she belongs anymore.

Before anything can happen, the boys and Okuda show up, Nagisa reading a section from Koro-sensei’s itinerary about what to do when a classmate is kidnapped. Although it starts out in their favor, it quickly turns back to being in favor of the thugs, before Koro-sensei shows up and all of them give a beating to the high schoolers, which includes bashing them over the head with their itineraries.

7 8

Once they free the girls, Koro-sensei comments on how Kanzaki seems different, and she agrees with that statement, stating that she now knows where she belongs will continue to work hard, something all of them agree to do, even if they are in an assassination classroom.

9 10

This episode is a really good adaption of the manga chapters (from what I can tell). I do know, as well, that an OVA of this specific arc was released a while back, well before an anime adaption of Assassination Classroom was announced. This OVA can only be found on YouTube, and, while I did not watch the whole thing, I thought it was really good, but this episode is even better!

I really liked seeing the boys stand up and protect the girls, especially since they are junior high boys. I also liked seeing a little bit about Kanzaki’s past, as I have a feeling we’ll be learning about the pasts of almost every student in this class. Koro-sensei’s constant shenanigans during this episode are a great source of laughs, and I hope we see even more of this as the anime continues on.

(Note on the theme song: They made a change, correct? In who was singing? It sounded mostly like it was the girls for this episode.)


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