Assassination Classroom Episode 8 Review&Summary – The End of the Trip, and Another Attempt!

***FUNimation and/or FujiTV did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

Assassination Classroom title episode 8

So, this episode starts out very cute. At the end of the first volume of the manga, there’s a small two page story where Koro-sensei “teaches” the students to draw him. It involves him singing a song and flying around the earth in a set pattern, and at the end, he tells the students to try for themselves, which they protect over because they can’t. That is adapted to the beginning scene of this episode, right before the theme song, and it’s really freaking cute.

1 2

Now, onto the actual episode itself. We’re quickly introduced to the character Red Eye, a skilled sniper who got his name by the fact that he shoots hi targets down so fast, all he sees is their blood in his scope lens. Each of the four groups for Class E is charged with leading Koro-sensei to a specific spot, and Red Eye will shoot him down.

As the first three go, each attempt is foiled by Koro-sensei’s snack, his joining a samurai play, and the oil blotting paper a student put on his face (it was supposed to be a distraction). Red Eye gets frustrated with this, and, when he’s supposed to go and work alongside the fourth group, Nagisa’s group, Koro-sensei receives a call from Nagisa, and it leads back to the plot line of the previous episodes, ending the attempts on Koro-sensei with Karasuma calling Red Eye to warn him.

3 4

As he mulls over this, Red Eye is approached by someone, and it turns out its Koro-sensei, surprising the sniper. The two talk over a shared meal, and Koro-sensei mentions that he looks forward to being assassinated, if it means his students will learn about things in order to try and kill him. Red Eye quits being sniper entirely (from what I can tell), telling Karasuma he wants to see other colors, not just the one.

5 6

As their school trip continues, the students slowly learn more about each other. Nagisa’s group learns a little more about Kanzaki and her gaming abilities, while some of the boys play ping pong and get Karasuma to play with them. While walking around, Nagisa, Okajima and Sugino find Nakamura and another girl trying to peep at Koro-sensei, who they find is taking a bath like a girl and the “bubbles” are his mucus. Although they threaten him with the fact he has to go by them to leave, he slips out the window instead.

Later that evening, the boys are having a discussion and ranking of the girls they like most in the class, trying to get each other to spill about who they may or may not have a crush on, with only Karma giving an actual answer with Okuda. Though they try to keep this between themselves, Koro-sensei is seen taking notes from just behind their door, and flies off at high speed as the boys chase him down (what a petty creature he is).

As it turns out, the girls are also about to discuss the boys they like in their class, bringing up Isogai and Karma, before Irina shows up, telling them to go to bed until they drag her in to hear stories about her love life, learning that she’s only twenty, and that she wants them to work on their woman-ness while they can.

7 8

When she starts to tell them a story, she looks around and catches Koro-sensei, who flees when the girls start asking him about his love life. He gets caught in a pincer attack with the girls coming from one side and the boys another, before he gets away again and runs to Karasuma, who has something interesting to bring up about Koro-sensei.

9 10

Nagisa and Kayano take the time to talk as they realize their school trip is about to end, and that, whether the world ends in March or not, this class will end. (I spy with my little eye and adorable ship…)

After the ending theme, there’s a small, extra part to the episode, where Karasuma is talking with a group of men and they mention that two new assassins will be joining Class E, starting the next episode.

11 12

I really liked this little arc. We learned a little about Kanzaki, met a new assassin, and got more laughs out of Koro-sensei. Personally, I don’t think this series could get any better, but, knowing how much I love the manga, I know it will as the episodes continue.

(Note: They did change the theme song! Why?? I liked it the way it was before! 😦 It’s even the ringtone on my cell!)

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