Assassination Classroom Episode 9 Review&Summary – It’s Time for a Transfer Student!

(Note: I apologize for no screenshots in this review. At the time of writing, I am about to fall over asleep and am not prepared for my work and class the next day. Well, enjoy.)

***FUNimation and/or FujiTV did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

Episode nine starts out with Nagisa and Sugino heading to the schoolroom, Isogai running up behind them and asking if they got the e-mail from Karasuma about the transfer student, which they did. Okajima then runs up and shows that he got a photo of the girl from Karasuma, and shows it off, showing that she has pink hair and blue eyes, hoping that they’ll hit it off and he’ll have someone return his feelings (I guess).

When they get to the classroom, there’s a giant, black, square thing in the room, behind one of the desks, and when it turns on, the image Okajima showed the others is there. Their new classmate is an automated intelligence fixed artillery, and she’s emotionless, just like a machine would be. Karasuma introduces her to them, and the school day begins.

As Koro-sensei begins to teach, the new “student” takes the opportunity to bring out her machine guns and shoot at Koro-sensei, failing to hit him after first until she adapts and catches one of his fingers. This continues throughout every period, and, of course, it annoys the students. So, the next day, when she “wakes up” and attempts to released her guns, she finds she can’t, and assumes it is Koro-sensei’s fault and tells him this is harming her.

In reality, the other students are the ones that tried her guns down, and it keeps her from attempting to assassination Koro-sensei through the day. That night, though, Koro-sensei has a talk with his new student and upgrades her, surprising the other students the next day when the screen turns on there’s a full body design for their classmate, complete with the girls’ uniform, a background, and a happy, peppy personality.

The students warm up to her fairly quickly, enjoying this new student who actually acts like a student, helps them cheat, and can create whatever she wants with plastic and the data she has. Soon enough, they all decide to give her a name, because her title, Autonomous Intelligence Fixed Artillery, is such a mouthful, and they end up calling her Ritsu instead. Ritsu accepts this name happily, and the day finishes happily for all of them.

Until the creators of Ritsu show up, and see the changes Koro-sensei has made. It angers them, and they begin to try and change her back to normal, telling her the only thing she was do and think about was assassinating Koro-sensei.

The fourth day starts with Ritsu greeting everyone the same as before, and Karasuma explaining that any upgrades, or attempts to tie down her weapons, will be considered harm to the student. The day starts and the students prepare to see another fully on assault, but Ritsu surprises them by bringing out a bunch of flowers, saying that Koro-sensei made almost 1,000 upgrades to her system, and, that when her master tried to remove everything unrelated to assassination, she hid cooperation in related data, and kept her ability to cooperate, defying her master and creating her own free will as a machine.

There’s a bonus scene after the ending theme where it’s showing off a trailer for a ninja film, and it’s shown that Ritsu is the one who was showing off the film trailer to the other students.

I really, really liked this episode! I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of this transfer student, but she’s as adorable as the rest of the students! Koro-sensei’s love for his students is great, and I love seeing him try to help them grow into good people, even if he is planning to destroy the earth.


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