Assassination Classroom Volume 2 Review – A New Teacher, Test Time, and a Trip?!

***VizMedia did not have a hand in this post other than the publication of the series in the US. They did not provide me with a copy of this book to review. It was done for fun, not monetary gain.***

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Volume two of this ridiculously interesting manga starts with the students of Class 3-E gaining a brand new teacher, the ever interesting, provocatively dressed Irina Jelavich. She’s blonde and knows how to kill a target without getting caught. In fact, the main reason she was brought to the school was to kill Koro-sensei, the secondary reason was, because she’s been all over the world, she could teach the students some foreign languages.

Irina sucks up to Koro-sensei by pretending she’s romantically interested in him, and it works until she tries to pull off her assassination attempt and she ends up failing, because the bullets used just melted inside of Koro-sensei. This really ticks her off, because she’s never failed an assassination before, and she swears to actually kill him, but ends up angering the students in the process (pretty much calling them lowlife good for nothings). After Karasuma has a talk with her, Irina apologizes to the students, trying to make amends with them and earning herself a nickname: Vitch-sensei, because of her forcing them to practice how to say the letter V when saying her name. Personally, I wasn’t expecting such a nickname, I just thought they would call her… *ahem*, a work I personally will not be using in my lifetime. But, this better, because I can actually type it out.

Anyway, the first three chapters encompass the introduction of Irina arc, and the volume quickly jumps into the next four chapter storyline, showing Koro-sensei making multiples of himself to teach each student in their worst subject (“How come I get Naruto?!” “Who doesn’t like Naruto…?”), and even includes the students attending a school assembly, where you see just how badly Class E is treated.

The principal of the school, Gakuho Asano, pays Koro-sensei, Karasuma, and Irina a visit, warning them that the students of Class E need to remember their place, they cannot advance and return to their original classes, and this pushes Koro-sensei into overdrive, making so many copies of himself to help his students that the copies can’t keep up and begin to change form. After the students question him about why he’s trying so hard to help them, they make comments about how they don’t need good grades since they’ve got the chance at tons of money if they kill him, and Koro-sensei leads them outside, where he makes a deal with them: make it into the top 50 of the students taking the exam, and he would stay and continue to be their target. If they didn’t, he would leave and there would be no way to kill him.

When the test arrives, Class E’s students start off doing better than anyone, even the teacher watching them, expected. They’re flying through the question until they reach one that was highly unexpected, and left them with failing grades on their exams.

Koro-sensei apologizes, but is found out to have been scared after Karma shows he made fourth in the top fifty students, causing their interesting sensei to spazz out and say they would beat the principal on the final exams, which the students fell into agreement with.

The final two chapters begin the Kyoto Trip arc (which concludes in volume three). The students of Kunugigaoka are all on a class trip to Kyoto for a few days, but of course, this is Assassination Classroom, and nothing can be as easy as it looks. While on the train, Yukiko Kanzaki, who is a member of Nagisa’s group along with Sugino, Karma, Okuda, and Kayano, drops the itinerary she put together herself (because the one Koro-sensei put together was as thick and heavy as a dictionary), and it concerned, believing she had it in her bag.

As the students scope out places that would be good for assassination Koro-sensei, a group from a public high school ambush Nagisa’s group, kidnapping Kanzaki and Kayano, and running off while the boys were unconscious and Okuda had hidden. The end of the chapter shows Koro-sensei’s itinerary flipping open to a page about when your group members are kidnapped (coincidence? You’ll see next time).

Overall, not a bad volume. Irina’s introduction is different than I’ve ever seen for any character before. And trust me, I’ve read a lot of manga, I’ve seen a lot introductions of characters. Irina is one of the more interesting female characters I have ever seen, and she’s pretty cool because of it. Her expertise in the way of assassination will be great to see as the story continues, and her connections as well.

The principal of this junior high school is a jerk face and I hate him, and that’s saying a lot because I rarely have characters that I hate by the second volume. I, personally, believe his system is going to fall apart before the end of the series, and it will be interesting to see the breakdown that comes about from it.

The Kyoto Trip arc is, from what I understand, a well-liked arc by longtime fans of Assassination Classroom. It starts off interesting with the high school thugs kidnapping the girls, and the boys, along with Okuda (who is a girl, if you need a refresher), having to find a way to catch the bad guys and save Kanzaki and Kayano.

So, do I like this volume? Yes. Am I ready for the third one? Absolutely.

Do I think the students will kill Koro-sensei?

Mmm… I’m not sure. I have ideas in my head of how this series could end, but, we’ll just have to wait and see.

(Also, I’m VERY sorry for how long it took to get this post up! I was very busy the last eight weeks and it’s going to get worse as I’m entering the last month of this semester, but, that means summer break is coming! Besides moving, I don’t really have anything planned that would keep me from this blog. This fall semester will be a different story, as I am planning to go for a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies at another school. I will post if there is something that will keep me from posting.)


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