Upcoming Items – Late Easter stuff!

So, yeah, Easter is tomorrow! Easter is my second favorite holiday, right after Christmas, and I love getting to spend the morning at church and the day with my family.

This year, I have a few items will be posted throughout the week, and most of it came from Dollar Tree, ha!


OK, so, there’s more than just Easter candy, and yes, all of these items will be reviewed on here.

What’s in the picture: a bag of rice crackers, kettle chips, flatbread crips, Pringles, Slim Jim, Jack Daniels meat sticks, crunchy roasted corn, a pack of chocolate chip cookies, hazelnut spread, Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze almond milk, Havana canned coffee, birthday cake M&Ms, peanut butter M&Ms, two packs of Lindor chocolates (caramel and dark chocolate), Lindor caramel bar, Jelly Belly jelly bean Kids’ Mix, dessert Skittles, a Palmer chocolate double crisp chocolate bunny, Palmer chocolate eggs, Palmer chocolate peanut butter eggs, and various pieces of chocolate.

That’s everything so far. I will be doing these posts (and whatever I may get tomorrow) this week. I also have a surprise flavor of M&Ms that will be in a post with the two flavors I listed above, but that one is a secret~


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