Four M&Ms Flavors — Time for one of my favorites!!

When I was growing up, I loved getting a pack of M&Ms from the grocery store. I ate it all right away when I was home, but it was so good it didn’t matter. I really liked them, and the minis in the tubes were great to have on hand.

Today, my flavor preferences have changed, but that’s not a bad thing! I have four different flavors for today’s post, with one being a special Easter bag, so, I’m including this in my Easter posts!


Above you see the first three flavors. The fourth will be at the end. 🙂

So, first off, I have the peanut M&Ms. These are not my most favorite, but they’re better than others (*cough*pretzel*cough*) and I do like them! I like the peanut in the middle with the chocolate, it’s one of my favorite flavor combos. It’s crunchy and sweet, with just enough chocolate.

WP_20150414_003 WP_20150414_004 WP_20150414_005

Second is the birthday cake flavor. I don’t really understand why birthday cake almost-everything is becoming so popular, but I’m not really going to fight against it. I like birthday cake flavored things, so long as they work, and this one… eh. It’s all right, but there’s a strange kind of after-taste, kind of like too much almond or something. I’m not sure what it is, but, it’s there, and it’s not too pleasant.

WP_20150414_006 WP_20150414_007 WP_20150414_008

Third is my favorite flavor of M&Ms EVER. The peanut butter M&Ms are amazing to me, I absolutely love them. It’s almost like having a Reese’s, but in bite-sized proportions with creamy peanut butter. I buy these quite often when I see them, and then hoard them away until I’m ready to eat them (which can be anywhere from three days to three weeks).

WP_20150414_009 WP_20150414_010 WP_20150414_011

Finally, I have the surprise flavor. A 9.9 oz bag of white chocolate M&Ms in pastel colors for Easter. I bought these about two weeks before Easter, and still have some of the bag right now! I’ve been trying to cut back on my sweets intake, and these aren’t that hard to do it with. The white chocolate is great, I really like it, and the colors are really pretty too.

WP_20150326_002 WP_20150327_002 WP_20150327_003

So, of these four flavors, which on is your favorite? Have you tried all of them? Is there one you were leery of, but decided to try and ended up liking it?


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