Fizzy Ramune Candy — What are the flavors?!

Today I have Senjaku Fizzy Ramune Candy. I’ll have some actual Ramune drinks soon, but we’re going to start with this. I’ve been stalking these candies on Amazon for a while, but they’re $8 on there. I got this bag with about 24 pieces of candy for only $3.29 at my local Asian market.

The package of the bag is fun. It shows the four different candies and a Ramune bottle, and what I can only assume is the actual name of the candy. It’s bright and looks like it’s designed to draw in children and sweets lovers alike, but these are far from being only sweet. Each of them have a certain amount of sour powder to them, some being more sour than others.

 WP_20141216_001 WP_20141216_005

The first one is in the light blue packaging. It looks kind of odd at first, like a weird, frosted blue color. Actually tasting it I could tell what flavor it was, but a reviewer on Amazon stated that to them, it tasted like some weird menthol and blue raspberry mix. Their review made me realize I was tasting blue raspberry, and it was a pretty good piece of candy! The quickly melted enough that I started getting the sour powder in the middle of this one. It also has a good bit of sour on the outsides, giving you a kick in the mouth when you first taste it.


The second one is in the blue/green package. It’s an icy kind of white with blue pellets of candy throughout it. I think this might be considered the original Ramune flavor, based on a review I read, but I would have no idea. It kinda taste like soda flavor candy, with the blue pellets in the middle adding a bit of sour taste to it, but not too much. It’s barely noticeable, to be honest. Like most hard candy, it’s one that melts slowly as you move it around in your mouth, but it’s pretty good. I did like it, and I wish my bag had more of it. ;–;


The third candy is wrapped in a dark blue wrapper, and is blue with a powdered coating on it. The package for this one has snowflakes on it, and actually tastes pretty good. It has a kind of cooling effect to it as you eat it, but it’s not bad or overpowering like some mints are. This one kind of reminds me of the apple soda flavor of another bag of Japanese hard candies I’ve had (and will review alongside this bag of candies), and it’s not bad. It has a sour powder inside it, but it’s not that sour, not like other candies.


The last one comes in a clear package with blue at the top and bottom, with a face that has a snorkel on the package. The candy itself is dark blue and bumpy, so it might hurt the roof of your mouth if you’re not careful. This one is gross. It’s got salt on it and I think in it, and its TOO MUCH salt! I really don’t like it, and almost spit it out. This is my least favorite!


With the exception of the last candy, the rest of them are very good, and I can’t pick a favorite! I would suggest that you pick this up if you see it somewhere, or order it off Amazon (it’s not too expensive).


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