Russell Stover Red Velvet Egg — Better than the cake truffle?!

My sister went and bought some Easter candy when it was on sale, and let each of us pick something from what she got (this is my younger sister, haha. All my sisters are younger than me). I ended up picking the Red Velvet Egg, because red velvet cake is my favorite cake flavor EVER, and I was hoping this would be better than the cake truffle I got at Christmas (that one just did not taste like red velvet cake).

This egg is covered in dark chocolate, and it hits you after you’ve taken it out of the package. I love dark chocolate, I love all kinds of chocolate, so this is already very promising. The inside has a dark red filling, and I can still only smell the dark chocolate at this point, but I’m still really hoping it tastes good.

WP_20150419_029 WP_20150419_030 WP_20150419_031 WP_20150419_033

And it does! It doesn’t fully remind me of red velvet flavoring, but it’s pretty close and I love it! The dark chocolate works well with the creamy, almost batter like filling, and it’s better than the truffle I had from Christmas.

So, the verdict?

Amazing. You should totally pick it up if you see it next Easter!


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