April Graze Box — The last one for now!! :(

So, this month, with classes about to end, that means my work study is ending as well, I believe next month (I am graduating, so, I’m not sure how that will affect this…), and I have put all Graze boxes on hold until I can once again afford them.

This is the final one for now, but I hope to have them again sometime this fall.

Usually, around Thursday or Friday, you can see what snacks are in your graze box, and I did that and I was VERY happy to see what was in it! Not only is their spring box CUTE, the snacks are great as well!

WP_20150420_003 WP_20150420_004

This box design is just so cute! I’m going to hold onto to this one for gifts, probably!

Now, the first item I have in my box, I have been DYING to get since I saw it in their list of snacks! It’s the Seaweed Rice Crackers, and I’m so happy I finally got these. They look great, and I can’t wait to try them!


The second is the Graze Popping Corn, the lightly salted variation. I have had the cracker black pepper one before, and recently my sister gave me her bag of this flavor to eat, and I really liked it! It’s good when you put some white cheddar popcorn salt on it!


Third is my FAVORITE snack I have had from Graze, the Banana Caramel Dippers! I had these I think back in November, and I just LOVED them, but never got them again until this box (well, my mom let me take hers of these recently)! I am so glad to have these again.


The final snack I have received is the Booster Seeds Graze snack. It’s made with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and golden flax seeds. I love all of these seeds, so, this is a good snack for me!


So, again, this is the final Graze box for now. Unless something changes and I can quickly find a job this summer/fall, these will not be seen again until late this year/early next year.


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