Sara Lee Snack Cakes — Two different cakes!!

My parents found a bread store the other night and did some shopping. They brought these cakes home and they came in a big box. There were 16 of the Brownie Chocolate Chip Cake, and 8 of the Crumb Cake. So, when I saw these, I decided to review them here!


The first one is the Crumb Cake. It’s a white cake with a cinnamon crumb topping, and it’s really tasty! It’s soft and moist, and just sweet enough that it’s not overpowering in the sweetness. It kind of reminds me of a coffee cake, but without the extra cinnamon flavor that’s usually in the cake. Totally delicious and highly recommended.

WP_20150503_004  WP_20150503_005


The second one is the Brownie Chocolate Chip Cake. Yes, this one looks a bit odd, but it tastes really good! The brownie part is perfect, and the chocolate chip is like having a bite of chocolate chip cookie dough, only it’s cooked and really like and fluffy. It’s my favorite and very much recommended!!

WP_20150503_007 WP_20150503_008 WP_20150503_010

So, I highly suggest you pick the box of these snack cakes up if you see them. You’re not going to regret it.


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