Prismacolor Premier Manga 23 Colored Pencils — Pretty colors!!

Prismacolor just so happens to be my favorite brand of colored pencils and drawing supplies. I may not use them very often, but I love having them for when I do want to draw something and then color it in. I like to draw manga and anime style eyes, and I’m fairly good at that. I will be attempting to teach myself how to draw better this summer, and this new pack of pencils should come in handy.

While it’s my favorite brand of pencils, Prismacolor is also, probably, the best quality brand of art supplies you will ever find. I have yet to have a problem with these in the first 12 pack I ever had, and I do plan to buy even more of these pencils as I dive back into drawing. The manga pack of colored pencils were purchased partially because of their price on Amazon (please, buy these on Amazon instead of from a craft store. You’ll save a lot of money) and because I had been stalking this particular set for a while. This set comes with 18 colored pencils, and 5 Verithin pencils.



The package itself can be set to stand up so you can easily grab the pencils. (My cat was very interested in this, haha.) It’s really nice to have that, especially if you need to grab a color quickly. The pencils are easy to grab and pull out of the box, there’s no fighting the box or anything. The five Verithin pencils are unsharpened, but they sharpen easily and quickly (my Indigo Blue took a tiny bit longer than the other four).

The colors are beautiful. I know I only drew a line for each, but I think they’re really lovely colors. The pencils are easy to draw with and can’t be erased, so, once you color with them, it’s there for good. The Verithin pencils have a sharper point because I had to sharpen them by hand, but it was easy and quick, and the colored pencils themselves will match after I have to sharpen them.

WP_20150503_017 WP_20150503_019

There are no extra pieces to this, just the package and the pencils. There’s a little tip for drawing and coloring with these pencils on the inside of the package, but nothing else of importance (just a small slip of paper with the web address on it).

So, these pencils are a great buy for your if you do drawing of any kind (not just manga style) or for someone you know as a gift.

After I use these more, I’ll post an update about what I think of them.


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