Prismacolor Premier 12 Colored Pencils — Another set of colored pencils!

***The company involved in the making of this product has no relation to me and has not provided me with this item. I received this item as a present years ago and was not given any compensation for this review.***

This is the other set of Prismacolor pencils I have at the moment. I received these as a Christmas present a few years ago, and still have all the pencils in this set. When you buy new sets, you will receive white and black again, but those are the most used colors, so, it shouldn’t matter much to you in the end.

This set comes in a metal tin, unlike the manga coloring pencils which came in an easy open cardboard box, and they have a tray that they sit in. The pencils sit nicely in the tray next to each other, but they’re not in there so tightly that you can’t get them out easily. The pencils are protected fairly well in the metal tin. I haven’t had any problems with them in the time that I’ve had them.

WP_20150503_026 WP_20150503_028 WP_20150503_029

This tin seems to be around $12 on Amazon, and I’m not sure how much it would be at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, so I would do some pricing before you run out and buy them, haha.


The colors are really nice. They’re bright and easy to draw with, so coloring or drawing on’t be a problem with these pencils. They sharpen really well too, so you can have as dull or sharp a point as you want or need without any problems.


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