Lindor Lindt “Hello My Name Is…” Coffee Blast

***This is not a sponsored post. It is being done for fun and to inform, no other reasons are involved. The company that makes this product has no idea I exist and did not give this item to me for free.***

I start drinking coffee when I was fourteen. Yeah, I know. That’s pretty young to start on the whole thing, but, I didn’t care. I wanted to be like my mom and drink coffee, and I ended up falling more for flavored and iced coffees then straight black coffee, so I’ve been drinking it ever since.


Mother’s Day was also very recently, and I always try to give my mom something with her Starbucks giftcard I get her, and this year it was this Lindo chocolate bar. I bought one for her and one for myself.

WP_20150513_007 WP_20150513_009

This is a really, really good candy bar. The chocolate is smooth and creamy, and the coffee flavor gives you a good shot even if you don’t need the caffeine, or you need it because you didn’t get your cup of coffee for the day.

I highly recommend this chocolate bar, whether you like coffee or not, it might be really great for you.

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