Naruto Chapter 2 – 7

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(Note: This post continues off from a January post. I have explained very recently why I will only be reviewing the Assassination Classroom manga this summer, but still review the anime of AC, Naruto, Kamisama Kiss, and others.)

***VizMedia did not have a hand in this post other than the publication of the series in the US. They did not provide me with a copy of this book to review. It was done for fun, not monetary gain.***

Chapters two through four introduce a variety of new characters, all of whom will go along with Naruto during this story. Chapter two introduces the characters of Konohamaru and Ebisu. Konohamaru is the grandson of the third Hokage, the current leader of the village. Ebisu is this child’s teacher, but doesn’t seem to care as much as he claims to. During the chapter, Konohamaru tries to learn Naruto’s vulgar jutsu from the first chapter, and Naruto willingly teaches it to him, while learning the reasons why Konohamaru wants to be Hokage himself, and tells him that there are no shortcuts to being Hokage, no matter what Ebisu might tell him.

Chapter three brings in two characters, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura, who are introduced as the boy Naruto hates and the girl he has a “crush” on. They are also his teammate of their three man squadron. This chapter is actually fairly interesting, with the two new characters who bring in more conflict in their own ways. Sasuke is Naruto’s rival, and the genius of the academy, who finished first in their classes. Sakura is Naruto’s middle school crush, but she has a crush on Sasuke, and this fuels naruto’s rivalry with Sasuke, but this chapter is great because it shows how different these three characters are and that they probably won’t do well together.

Chapter 4 brings in the final new character of this first volume, the leader of Naruto’s squad Hatake Kakashi. Kakashi is the most interesting of the characters introduced in this volume. His headband is covering his left eye for a reason, and he has a mask covering the lower part of his face. He starts with these kids by having them tell him their dreams, and then tells them that they will have to go through a training exercise the next day, which turns out to be a bell stealing test.

While Sasuke and Sakura hide from Kakashi, Naruto tries to get him head on, and fails several times before ending tied up in a tree. Sasuke attempts his own attack, but it turns out to be a fake Kakashi and he flees, with Sakura running as well to see if she can catch Sasuke, before being trapped by Kakashi in an illusion (Genjutsu) that shows Sasuke near death, and it causes Sakura to faint from fear.

Sasuke, however, is perfectly fine and catches up to Kakashi, becoming very close to stealing a bell before being trapped almost completely underground, with just his head showing. Sakura finds him and, once again, faints from fear. Sasuke somehow frees himself from being trapped, and stays with Sakura until she wakes up, informing her that he almost had a bell, and being very subtle about his dreams, but not giving too many details.

Soon enough, the timer Kakashi had set up rings, and the Genin have failed their test, with Naruto ending up tied to a pole because he tried to steal the lunches Kakashi had set for those that retrieved one of the two bells. Kakashi informs them they will never be ninjas, and the volume ends there.

Now, my opinion of this story will always be the same. I am a huge fan of Naruto, but even I can say that the first couple of chapters are a bit slow moving. Naruto’s “Sexy Jutsu” is horrendously annoying, and I have always hated it, especially when he adds the harem part to it.

Konohamaru is all right character. I’m not sure why he was added, but he’s there, and he’s kinda of like a challenge for Naruto in becoming Hokage one day.

Sasuke and Sakura are very interesting in their own rights. Sasuke has some dark, unknown dream about killing someone, but that’s nothing we truly need to worry about at the moment, it’ll become more important as we get further into the story.

Sakura is interesting because of her personality and dream. While we don’t actually hear what her dream is, her reactions can quickly tell us it has to do with Sasuke. Her personality is fun because she’s very happy and bubbly, but can also become very vicious when it comes to Sasuke.

Kakashi is mysterious in his own right as well. His face is a mystery to all, and so is his past, for now. I know we’ll find out more about him later, like we will all of these characters.

The art… what can I say about the art? In chapter three, the characters start to look a lot better, and the art looks cleaner than the first two chapters. The first two chapters have an odd design for the Hokage. He looks kind of ugly, but trust me when I say it gets better from here on.

So, truthfully, this is a good start to a seven hundred chapter story. It’s going to be one interesting and crazy ride from now on, but it’ll be worth it, I promise.

(I’m so sorry it took me so long to get this out here… I was so busy this semester, but do plan to review the rest of this series as I collect the manga books and after my family has moved.)


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