Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams — Chocolate bunnies anyone??

I’ll be honest: I really don’t care about some of the things in my food. Yes, I try to eat healthy, and I usually do that by portioning what I eat and not, say, sitting down with a brand new bag of potato chips and eating the whole thing in one sitting (unless it’s the small, snack sized bags that can go in a lunch box). I’m also not allergic to anything (that we know of) and don’t have to worry about eating something will make me ill or give me a reaction.

Even though I’m not one to read all the ingredients for any kind of food, I don’t mind eating the “healthier” versions of things. This is one of the brands I have wanted to test out before, and my sister got this little trial bag of snacks in her LoveWithFood box in April, and put them in the “community” bowl of snacks and candy. I took them right away, haha.

WP_20150531_002 WP_20150531_003

These little bunny grahams are cute. They’re shaped just like bunnies, but the picture on the bag is way too pretty for the cracker itself. There is little to no detail on these, but that doesn’t take away from the taste.

They’re not bad. The chocolate flavor isn’t that strong (not like what I would have expected) and they are crispy, but there is something that stays behind in my teeth that feels gritty. It’s not pleasant. The bag didn’t expire until the 25 of May (this was written on the 31), so, I’m not sure if that had something to do with it or what…

Anyway, apart from the grittiness in my teeth, these are actually pretty good. I don’t mind them at all, but the price, sheesh. That’s the only thing keeping me from buying these to put in my lunches.


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