Regular Mix Hi-Chew — Tasty, chewy candy!!

I’m a huge fan of Hi-Chew. I love it so much, that last year I bought a display pack that had ten packs of the peach flavored Hi-Chew (you have no idea how sad I am that they discontinued this flavor). I got this bag, however, from my parents as part of a graduation gift.


These have a nice, strong scent to them, and my bag was obviously a little heavy on the green apple flavored Hi-Chews. The candies do look the same, but the different is the middle, which changes with each one, just a little bit.

WP_20150531_006 WP_20150531_007 WP_20150531_009

The green apple has a nice, strong flavor to is, and it’s delicious, so, I don’t mind my bag having more of it than the other two. The strawberry I’ve reviewed before and it still tastes like a great, strawberry candy. The grape Hi-Chew is very overpowering on the grape flavor. It’s so strong, wow.

In order of favorite to least, I have to say the strawberry is my favorite, with green apple close behind, and grape way behind in last. These aren’t bad though, and I suggest you pick them up if you see them (my parents found this bag at Dollar Tree)!

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