Desserts Skittles — These look interesting!!

I love Skittles, and I’m always happy when I can have some to eat, and when they have new flavors to try out, like this one! I found this bag at Dollar Tree and bought it because I hadn’t see this before, and I decided to get this to try it and review it here!


So, these Skittles have special, dessert inspired flavors. The orange one is Orange Creme, and it reminds me of a Dreamsicle! It’s tasty!

The green one is Key Lime Pie, and definitely reminds me of one. It’s got a good lime flavor and tastes good!

The pink is Strawberry Milkshake,  and it just tastes like a normal, strawberry flavored candy. I don’t really get a strawberry milkshake flavor!

The blue is Blueberry Tart, and has a nice blueberry flavor! It really is tart, haha.

Finally, the red one is Raspberry Sorbet, and tastes really good! I got a good raspberry flavor from the one I had.

So, yeah. These are actually really good! I didn’t think they would be that great, but they’re tasty! I do suggest them if you see them and want to taste them!

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