Assassination Classroom volume 3 Review & Summary

***VizMedia did not have a hand in this post other than the publication of the series in the US. They did not provide me with a copy of this book to review. It was done for fun, not monetary gain.***

Today we FINALLY have the review of Assassination Classroom volume 3! I am very sorry for how late this is, but I was really busy during the last two months of class, which is why this didn’t get done until now.

So, volume three continues where volume two left off, with the students on their trip to Kyoto, and Nagisa’s group attempting to save Kayano and Kanzaki. Kanzaki reveals a little about her past from the previous summer, and the thugs continue to mess with the girls and tell them they’re not allowed to say anything about what happened when they get back to their group later.

Before anything actually happens, Nagisa and the others in their group show up, with Koro-sensei following after, and taking out the thugs before anything bad happened. Kanzaki has a personal revelation and thanks Koro-sensei for the words he spoke and being yourself.

A character named Red Eye is introduced next. He’s brought in as a professional sniper who has never missed a target, and got his name from seeing the blood of his victims in his scope. Each group takes a chance with Red Eye and attempts to take out Koro-sensei with Red Eye hiding in the shadows. The first three groups fail, and when it comes time for Nagisa’s group to try and take out Koro-sensei, the octopus teacher is called away to an emergency situation. Karasuma calls Red Eye and informs him of the kidnapping, and Red Eye simply states he was planning to quit anyway.

Red Eye has an unexpected encounter with Koro-sensei, which leads him to quit the mission in the middle of it, wanting to go and see the different colors in the world.

The students spend the rest of their trip at their hotel, listening to stories and making up lists before chasing Koro-sensei down for intruding in their private discussions. Nagisa and Kayano discuss how they want the rest of the school to be enjoyable, even if the world does end the next year.

A new student is brought in as another way to kill Koro-sensei, and she’s an automated fixed artillery system. She interrupts class several times by trying to shoot down Koro-sensei, and even gets a hit on him.

This, however, doesn’t go over well with the actual, human students, who decide to tie her down the next day because she was interrupting their classes and making it impossible for them to study. The second night, Koro-sensei makes some changes to her system and programs, and even gives her a full frontal display with a complete body so she can appear to fit in as a normal junior high school student.

The students name her Ritsu after they begin to bond with her, and have a better third day than their first two.

However, Ritsu’s creators enter the school room and discover the changes Koro-sensei made to her, and are angry with them. They begin to completely destroy everything Koro-sensei did, reverting her back to what she was at the beginning.

The next day, everyone is concerned they’ll have to deal with an onslaught of attacks on Koro-sensei, but Ritsu, instead of spitting out guns and bullets, reveals flowers, and shows that she was defied her creators in order to better herself and fit in with her classmates.

The final part of this volume focuses on Irina. It shows how she teaches the students, her methods, and how they’re benefitting from them, and it ends with her instructor coming in and the two are preparing for something that will be covered in the fourth volume.

Ok, so, volume three. Yeah, I had this one for a long time before I finally got to read it, but I’ve made it through and I really liked it! I liked seeing the students interact with each during their trip, and learning a little bit about Irina when she was talking with the kids and during the last couple of chapters. The new student, Ritsu, is an interesting one as well, and she was a cute design in the anime!

I keep reading these and wanting to know more and more about Koro-sensei’s past and what the future holds for these students. It makes me excited for the next book!!

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