Hetalia Episode 1 Review & Summary

Hetalia starts off with a meeting of the various world countries. America begins by talking about stopping global warming with a giant superhero that could crush it for them.

Everyone rattles off after this, with countries just speaking to each other and about different things, before Germany cuts in and decides to bring some order to the meeting. He tells everyone how much time they get to talk and that if anyone has anything to say, they should raise their hands.

One character does so, and Germany says he recognizes his friend Italy to speak.

Italy is shown on screen and the only thing he says is “pasta”.

Yeah, you can tell already, that this is going to be one really weird show. Not just because all the characters are the different countries in the world, but just because the main character’s first line is “pasta”.

Weird to the max.

The show cuts to Germany talking about the Rome during WWI, and shows him walking through a forest with a stick, apologizing for not giving his “sticky friend” from of his liverwurst.

Germany continues walking, knowing he’s going to fight a descendant of Rome, and comes across a box labeled “tomatoes”.

The screen then cuts to a “to be continues” sign, before jumping into a mini segment called “Chibitalia”. This little segment shows up only in first season episodes, and details little Italy’s life after he goes to live with Austria and the Holy Roman Empire.

The theme song comes next, and it’s so catchy. Every character has their own version of the Hetalia season one theme song. It takes a while before these versions show up, and then they’re only on a few episodes.

Hetalia is weird. It’s really, really weird, but it’s also cute and funny. Yeah, it’s filled to the brim with cultural stereotypes, so sensitive people beware! If you don’t like the stereotypes being made fun of, this is not the show for you!!

Personally, I’ve been watching Hetalia for three years now, and I’ve gotten over the stereotypes. It’s supposed to be funny. As we get further in, I’ll address some of the stereotypes that I know of, and we’ll see what happens.

I do expect these reviews to be short, as the anime episodes are only 5 minutes each, and I’d like to get two up each day when I can.

So, hope you liked this, and hope you’ll stay around as we go through this crazy show!!


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