July JapanCrate — A Crate of Japanese Snacks!!

Today, we have the one and only JapanCrate I will be getting (at the moment, things may change). This box is a monthly subscription service, and you can choose between three sizes: Mini with 4 – 6 snacks; Original with 8 – 10 snacks and a DIY candy kit; and Premium with 10 – 12 snacks, a drink, and a DIY candy kit.

I could not afford nor justify the Premium crate for myself, so I purchased the Mini crate. It’s a cute little box and this month it came with four snacks and the guide booklet. Each of the snacks will be reviewed every day this week, one a day, starting tomorrow. (I will be trying to get Hetalia or Assassination Classroom episode reviews up as well).

So, let’s get started~!

WP_20150711_004 WP_20150711_005 WP_20150711_006

So that’s what the box looks like. One top of everything was the little guidebook, which includes a two page manga about the box and everything, and has descriptions of the snacks. All four snacks were stacked together nicely, and look very interesting.


The first snack I took out of the box was the Potekoro Cubes. The guide booklet says it’s a “savory bite-sized cube” in a black pepper flavor. I can’t wait to try this; I wasn’t really expecting anything savory in the box!


The second snack is Chameleon Candy. The candy changes colors, and if you get the red candy, the chameleon grants you good luck!!


Third snack is Chu Grape Jelly. It’s grape jelly in a tube. You have to twist it open to eat it, and I really hope this tastes good…


Finally, this is the Maken Gummy. The gummy comes in either cola or grape, and in one of three shapes so you can play rock paper scissors with someone. I got the grape flavor, and it looks like I got paper as well.


And that is everything that came in this month’s Mini JapanCrate. I’m looking forward to trying all of these, and I’m so glad these are all candies I’ve never had before. It’s something new to try out!

(Keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed for early August! We may or may not have a new subscription box to try out~!)


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