Chameleon Candy — A color changing treat!

In my July JapanCrate, I received a little bag of color changing candy called Chameleon Candy! I share these with two of my sisters, and they ended up liking the candy!

When I opened the bag, I found that the candies started out brown, but change color after you’ve sucked on them a little while. The very first one I got turned red, and the second one was yellow. My sisters got green and yellow for the ones they tried.

The candy is a game in the end. If you get the green one, based on the bag, you get no luck. The yellow seems to be medium luck. The red one is good/great luck. The candies are pretty good, to be honest. They’re not too sweet, and they remind me of this taffy I had when I was kid. My family would go on trips and stop as this little gas station and convenience store called Stuckey’s. They had these things of really thin taffy, and this remind of that, until you get to the hard candy.

The hard candy has some kind of flavor to it, but I’ve not sure what it is…

Anyway, these are really tasty little candies, and I highly suggest them if you see them somewhere!

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