Chu Grape Jelly — Grape Jelly candy in a tube?!

This is the second item I received in my July JapanCrate! It seemed very interesting and I was a bit skeptical of it. It seemed really weird, but there are a lot of Japanese candies and snacks that I think are weird, but end up liking in the end

This is NOT one of them!! I did not like this at all! When I opened it, I noticed it was kind of like a gummy candy, but a bit more liquid like. The first taste was bad. It tasted like the plastic casing. I put some of the candy on my finger to taste it, and it was no better. I hated the consistency. I tasted more of it, and just, no. I hated it. It was awful.

It may just be a personal taste thing, but I really, REALLY hated this. The rest of the candy went in the trash. I couldn’t eat it, and none of my sisters were interested. My mom even thought it sounded gross.

You may like it, but personally, it was a big fat fail for me.

WP_20150711_019 WP_20150711_020


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