August Skoshbox — More Japanese treats!!!

All right, by now, you guys should know I love Japan and I love subscription boxes.

Because of moving and work, I’ll have to change addresses on all my subscriptions, and that’s going to leave me without any for a while. But, even though this is the last box for a while, I do plan to continue and restart anime and manga reviews!

Today, though, let’s focus on this Skoshbox! Skoshbox is like JapanCrate, but you get more for your $12 a month, in my opinion. And, if you like, you can upgrade to a bigger box they call the Dekabox, and then you can add a bonus item for $2 a month to that.

Personally, I purchased the normal Skoshbox, as that is what I could afford and I’m not disappointed with this!

The box is red and white, and promotes their collaboration with Glico for this month. Glico is the company that makes Pocky and Pretz, and other treats and snacks. This collaboration made for a great Skoshbox, and the items inside are awesome so far! (Watch for the bonus photo of my laptop at the end of this post!!)

IMG_20150803_191215 IMG_20150803_191224 IMG_20150803_191245 IMG_20150803_191250 IMG_20150803_191256

(Ignore the weird red tint to the photos. I’m not sure if my phone picked up too much of the rest from the items or if it’s because of my pink wallet case.)

So, yeah. The box is a nice red, kind of like the JapanCrate and LoveWithFood boxes. It’s nice, and I so wish they hadn’t put the shipping sticker on the top! It ended up tearing some of the pretty box off. 😦 (I took it off to protect my identity.) But, either way, It’s a nice box. The box came with a pamphlet that shows off each item, and it also came with a sheet of removable Pocky based stickers! Really cute! I love them the truck!!


Apart from the bonus stickers, there are six snacks in here. One of them is in two pieces, so, I would personally count that as two snacks, haha. The snacks are neatly packed into the box, and yes, if you know me with these kinds of boxes, each snack will be reviewed, one a day, until they’re all gone.


The first one I took out of my box was the mini bag of the Cream Collon cookies. I’ve seen these in DIY candy videos on YouTube, and always wanted to try them, but could never find them at my local Asian market, which was frustrating because these looked so tasty! I’m so glad they put these in the box! I’ll finally get to try them!

IMG_20150803_191327 IMG_20150803_191331

The next two were these Bisco Cream Sandwich cookies. One is original flavor, and the other is strawberry flavored. These look really tasty. I can’t wait!


The third item is the Caplicocot Chocolate. This one is a whipped strawberry chocolate, and it looks really interesting! I like strawberry flavored chocolate, and I can’t wait to try this!


Fourth, the Thai Tom Yum soup Pretz! I’ve never had Thai Tom Yum soup, so, I hope these are tasty! The box sure makes them look good~!



Fifth is the Sweet Corn Pretz! I gotta admit that corn is a favorite of mine for vegetables (even though I believe it’s technically a fruit according to biology), and I love to eat it! I also really love creamed corn, so I hope this is good!



And the final item is a small pack of strawberry Pocky! Sadly, mine was melted together because of how horrendously hot this summer has been, but it’ll be ok. I love strawberry Pocky either way!


So, that’s everything! I really like this subscription box, and if I had the money, I’d do it every month, and maybe upgrade to the Dekabox. Hopefully I’ll have another one of these in the near future!


Bonus photo:

I decided to the use the cute little truck sticker on my laptop! It look so cute with my Sasuke Uchiha and Oklahoma State University stickers!




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