I swear guys, I’m coming back!!

If you follow my Instagram, I am trying to post things, like drawings, out there!

Today has been tough so far, as we lost a puppy we had adopted back in July to some illness.  I have projects to work on, one of which is due Wednesday, and other things as well, like practicing my Japanese!

So, I fully intend to be back out here soon! I am planning things and hoping to have the whole month of December, perhaps November as well, full of posts!

My birthday is November 4th, so, you can, at the very least, expect a post about what I get! I’ve also gotten my hands on the final Naruto manga, as well as The Last: Naruto the Movie! Reviews for those will come at a much later time. I plan to use my Swagbucks to not only pay for Christmas presents for my family, but to also buy the Naruto books I’m missing, so I don’t have to borrow them from the library (I will mostly be buying 3-in-1 volumes).

So, yes, things are being planned.

I am planning to return to posting soon.

Please be patient and thank you!!!


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