New Year Plans — What I’d like to get done in 2016

Hey, guys! Happy New Year! Hope it’s off to a great start for all of you!

Today’s post is a long one about the things I’d like to get done this year! I guess you can call these New Year’s Resolutions, but, I’m not sure if I would personally go that far, haha.

Let me start by saying that I have changed my major at the university I am attending. I am no longer a graphic design major, but instead am a business administration major. This change came after a lot of thought, prayers, and tears on my part, and I feel peace and confidence in this decision.

Because of this change, I will still be very busy, but, I believe I will have more free time during the week to work on posts for this blog, and, hopefully, I’ll get a work study position or a job somewhere. I also plan to work on driving so I can get my license and take myself places.

Now, the big plans I have. At the moment of writing (perhaps not the moment of posting), I am waiting for several items from Amazon. I am waiting for three Copic markers (one sketch and two Ciao) in three different colors (two green shades and one that looks orange pink), a new sketch journal (will be explained in a moment), the 72 set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils (I had gift cards haha), and a PC gaming controller.

The Copics, Prismacolors, and sketch journal are for a very good reason, not just because I saw them and said “I want those”. I will, even though I am no longer drawing for my major, be working on drawing skills throughout the year. I want to improve myself so that, perhaps, I can purchase a nice drawing tablet one day to use with Illustrator and Photoshop. I have printed off this challenge right here: and will be working on it every day, starting today! I have one sketching journal at the moment that I think it just a beautiful book, and would like to get a second copy of for later on, and I will be using this one to begin my drawing challenge. I will be substituting some of the prompts as I see fit, but will stick to the basic structure of one drawing a day. Each drawing will be posted to this other blog:, as well as my Instagram: I will include the day number and the prompt with each post.

I do plan to use my Instagram more and more, especially as I work on my drawing skills and try to complete my personal challenge of drawing all 721 Pokemon. The pictures of all Pokemon drawings will be put on Instagram and my deviantArt ( ) but I do not plan on posting those to TheSleepingTotodile unless I think it looks really great. Coloring pages will still be posted here, though, especially as I have three different books and would like to challenge myself to complete one page from one book each day. I do plan to get more adult coloring books in the future.

Now, the PC gaming controller is something I have been trying to get for months to start a YouTube channel. I just last week purchased Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst AND Revolution for Steam because they were SO CHEAP for a sale through the GameStop website. I will be attempting to stream, at the very least, Full Burst (Twitch: ) and I also will be starting, hopefully soon (maybe this summer?), to post videos of my playing different video games on this YouTube channel: My plan is just to just talk about random things as I play games and I hope to entertain people with them. This choice came this past summer, actually, during which I found several YouTubers to follow and watch, and it has been on my mind before to start a YouTube channel, and it finally seems to be in my reach to do so. I would LOVE to get a headset to block out excess noise as I record, but that is not in my budget at the moment, sadly. I will stick with the microphone built into my computer for now, and I hope to have a webcam with the videos as well, so, please wait for this! I will be posting the videos to my other blog as well.

Besides my new endeavors, I want to update you guys on my anime and manga reviews.

I have not given up on these, I promise. I truly was so busy this fall semester that everything was put on hold for my classes. Now, though, I know I will have more free time on the weekends to work on reviews. I will catch up on the Assassination Classroom anime and the manga, and be posting reviews here. I hope to get through the anime this next week and get the reviews all written before the second season begins this month.

Naruto will be continued as well! I am still collecting the manga that I am missing, and yes, the anime will be reviewed! I am missing ONE of the Shippuden films and truly want to do reviews of those, especially The Last. I hope I can get a review of volume two of Naruto up soon, and then continue on. (I will, most likely, have a review next week of the Naruto spin-off, The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring. Please, PLEASE, do not read that one unless you have read the end of Naruto, or do not mind major spoilers.)

I will also be reviewing the light novels of a certain series as they come out and I get them, but I’m not saying what series it is. 🙂 You guys can guess, but I’m keeping it a secret for now.

My hope is that I can get one manga review a week, at the very least, from the series that I own and read, and I’d love to get at least two anime episodes reviewed a week as well.

Food reviews have pretty much stopped for now, I’m sorry. My family moved to another city and I am no longer able to go to the Asian market where I usually get all my Asian snacks and Ramune. I do have two more posts coming up on some Japanese chocolates I’ve purchase from Amazon, and I will try to get those posted in the next two weeks.

I would LOVE to do some product reviews of a few things that I own, like my 2DS, some video games, and maybe some beauty products as well (because I am a girl lol). I really want to review more than just anime, manga, and food. I want to do more things and show them to you guys!

We can also cross our fingers that bento lunches for my Monday through Thursday school week will be returning as well. Posts will be here and Instagram if I can get that started again.

I am going to do everything that I can to manage my time this year to post more, to do more. I’d also like to start Tweeting out Bible verses from my readings in the morning. I plan to begin a Bible plan to read the whole Bible in 2016 with the YouVersion Bible app on my phone and tablet. I will, probably, tweet out verses from those readings each day.

To everyone that read this very lengthy post, thank you so much for going through to the end!! If you would like to get into contact with me, you can drop me an email at, or on Twitter, where I am tweeting under @SleepTotodile. I don’t have a Facebook page, but if you’d like one, I can try and get one up! Just let me know in the comments below.

If there is any manga, anime, or product you’d like to see a review of, please post it in the comments and let me know where I can find it!

Again, thank you so much for reading, and I can’t wait to start this new year posting and getting some content out!

See you all next week when we get back to our manga and anime posts!!


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