An Update — You may have noticed…

As you may have noticed the last two weeks, each post that’s gone up has a had titled day to it, such as Manga Monday and Tasty Thursday.

I decided to dedicate each day of the week to specific topic! I know that Wednesday did not have a post last week, but my plan is to start the weekly topic for that day as well.

The daily topics are as follows:

Manga Mondays
Artful Tuesdays
Watchful Wednesdays
Tasty Thursdays
Fandom Fridays
Puzzling Saturdays

Sunday is going to be my free day where I can plan out my week of posts and just relax on my own or with my family, or catch up on homework for my college classes.

Puzzling Saturdays will be this week and will be about the jigsaw puzzles I am working on completing. I had two of my own and just bought two more from Dollar Tree this week (I highly suggest going to Dollar Tree for puzzles! Cheap, but well made with interesting designs)! So that will be starting this Saturday, January 30th!

Watchful Wednesdays will begin this week, and that will be the day I review anime episodes, so my plan is two different anime that day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Keep an eye on my Instagram as well! I’ll be having photos from my puzzles and other things there through the week!


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