Manga Mondays: Naruto Volume 2 — They’re just so cute… ;–;

***VizMedia did not have a hand in this post other than the publication of the series in the US. They did not provide me with a copy of this book to review. It was done for fun, not monetary gain.***

Volume two of Naruto picks up right where the first one left off, with the completion of the bell exam that Kakashi had the Genin of Team Seven take. None of them fully understood the purpose of the exam, and Kakashi tells them it was simply all about teamwork, and that they should have figured that out. When Kakashi leaves them to eat (just Sasuke and Sakura; Naruto is punished with no food because he tried to eat lunch on his own), Sasuke offers part of his bento lunch to Naruto, and Sakura follows suit when they realize that Kakashi must be miles away by this point.

Kakashi, however, shows up a moment later with rage, but then happily tells them with a smile that they’ve all passed, because they ignored his orders of not to feed Naruto and did so for teamwork reasons, and they are officially made into a true ninja squad! (The babies are all grown up…*thinks about final volume*.)

After this, Team Seven embarks on their first escort mission, leading a bridge building named Tazuna back to his home in the Land of Waves, but are attacked by three hired ninja that are out to kill Tazuna for a man named Gato, in order to stop the building of the bridge so the people of the Land of Waves will not prosper and he will continue to sell and bring in drugs and other contraband.

A long battle with the demon ninja Zabuza ensues, and it ends with Zabuza’s supposed death at the hands of a young man that may or may not be a real vigilante from the Village Hidden in the Mist. Once they’ve made it to Tazuna’s home and Kakashi is resting, he suspects that Zabuza is not dead, but was put in a death-like trance (he’s right of course), and that they must prepare for battle.

They also meet Tazuna’s grandson Inari, who tells them that heroes don’t exist and they’re all going to die because of how relentless Gato is. Naruto scolds him and when he goes to find Inari later, finds him crying over a picture of his dad. Naruto, for once, quietly walks away.

The final chapter has the kids start their training with Kakashi as preparation for their upcoming battles, and Kakashi says they’re going to be climbing trees.

It’s been a while since I’ve read this volume, but it always makes me so happy to see the cute little Genin versions of Team Seven! They’re so innocent and naïve about what being a ninja is like, and they’re still learning all they need to know.

The art style from the first few volumes is just so messy, but it looks good though. It’s not like there are tons of mistakes that make the characters unrecognizable, but if you’ve seen the final chapters, you can see how much Kishimoto has grown as an artist from when he started in 1999, to when Naruto ended in 2014.

I still like the old art style Kishimoto had, and I like his improved one as well.

But, anyway, this is a very good volume for the first real mission Team Seven is sent on. Everyone is slowly growing into impressive ninjas, and they’re all leaning everything they’ll use later on.

Next week, my plan is to deviate from Naruto for the week, and review something else entirely. If I get far enough along, I may do two reviews next week and include Naruto volume three in it.

See you next week!! (And yes, I only have the first three volumes in the omibus form. Most of my pre-time skip volumes are only in the three-in-ones.)

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