Watchful Wednesdays: Snow White with the Red Hair Episode 1 Review

***FUNimation did not pay me to review this show. I am doing this for fun and not because I am receiving compensation. Any and all screenshots from FUNimation’s website.***

The story opens with a in the forest pick medicinal herbs. She finds the perfect one she needs, and starts back to her home, taking a moment to look over it and think about the story she was writing for herself.

This girl is Shirayuki, and she is a very popular herbalist in the place of Tanburan. She’s also famous for her strangely colored red hair, which she’s told makes her look beautiful, even though it seems she thinks her hair is strange.

There’s also a prince at that moment, asking one of his men if he found the perfect girl to be his concubine, and the girl just so happens to be Shirayuki! When she’s called to be at the palace the next morning, she spends the night putting together enough medicine for those that need it, before cutting off her hair, leaving it short, and running away before Prince Raji’s men can come and get her.

Shirayuki stops near an empty house to rest, and the next morning is woken up when a boy with white hair jumps over a wall, being distracted by her and falling on his face, injuring his arm. His two friends show up a moment later, and introductions are made after Shirayuki shows that the medicine she tries to give him for his injury is not poisoned at all.

The white haired boy introduces himself as Zen, and the three of them (Zen and his friends Mitsuhide and Kiki) take Shirayuki with them back to the empty house.

Shirayuki goes for a walk a little bit later, with Zen following her and he eventually gets her to tell him why she ran away. This leads Zen to comment that red means destiny or fate, and that her red hair will lead her to her happy fate.

When the two get back to the house, though, they find a basket of apples that have the ribbon Shirayuki had tied her up with sitting on the steps. They take it in and Zen tries one after a moment, only for them to discover it was poisoned, and that the only person who had the antidote was Prince Raji.

Shirayuki goes to see him, and almost agrees to being his mistress in exchange for the antidote, but Zen shows up (apparently having developed a tolerance for poisons over the years) and when he reveals himself to be a prince, he’s able to convince Raji to leave Shirayuki alone and give them the antidote.

Later on, Zen finally gets Shirayuki to believe that her red hair is leading her to her fate, and she starts a new life away from Tanburan.


Oh my gosh, I’m in love with this series already! The first episode is just so sweet, with funny moments, and of course, the tension that comes with some anime, usually Shoujo from what I’ve seen. I think that the voices are great, and Zen is a very cute prince! Shirayuki is an interesting character so far, and I think she’s going to be a great heroine as this series continues!

I love that she’s got her own plan in mind, and didn’t fall to Prince Raji just because he’s a prince. I also think it’s really cool that she’s an herbalist and takes care of others! It kind of reminds me of Sakura in Naruto Shippuden!

This first episode was surprisingly VERY clean! I never know what to expect with Shoujo anime and manga, and some have been less than clean from I’ve read (I try to do a little research before I go into a series). This one is so good though so far. There’s been nothing wildly inappropriate, and I would even let my youngest sister watch it! (As long our mom approves I let her watch some anime with me.)

So, I give this first episode a ten out of ten on everything! I can’t wait to continue on!

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